Republican Nominee for Governor of Missouri, Dave Spence: “My Office Will Not Be For Sale” (Video)

Missouri Republicans, Dave Spence, Shane Schoeller, Ed Martin, and Cole McNaryrespectively, the party’s candidates for governor, secretary of state, attorney general, and state treasure  made a stop, Thursday evening  in Lee’s Summit, Mo, during their statewide tour thatbegan in  Jefferson City, with afternoon stops in Springfield and Joplin.

Ed Martin, acting as the master of ceremonies, introduced Dave Spence to the crowd that had gathered at Republican Headquarters in Lee’s Summit to hear the candidates speak.

“My office will not be for sale,” Spence proclaimed, “we need someone who will finally represent 114 counties and 5.9 million people to do what’s right for everyone verses just special interests.”

The mudslinging coming from the Nixon campaign has been so  ugly, Spence has sued the the governor for defamation.

Statement of Dave Spence on Defamation Lawsuit Against Jay Nixon for His False Attack Ads:

October 12, 2012

SAINT LOUIS, MO – Dave Spence, Republican candidate for governor, today issued the following statement regarding a lawsuit he filed against Jay Nixon for Nixon’s false and defamatory campaign attack ads.  Spence said the following:

“I filed this lawsuit for one simple reason, we need good people in politics.  If the standard for truthfulness in political campaigns is there is no standard, our state and country will continue to erode because good people won’t run for office.  Jay Nixon’s attack ads are false and defamatory and he knows it.  If he had a record of accomplishment to run on he wouldn’t need to lie about me, but he doesn’t.  Missourians deserve a governor who won’t lie about his own record and about his opponent.  Jay Nixon should be fired.”


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