MAF Freedom PAC Ad: “The Wolves are at the Door”

Via Move America Forward Freedom PAC:

Since the news of the attack broke, Obama and his administration misled the American people time and time again. First they blamed the ridiculous YouTube video, then they blamed the intelligence community and said they didn’t know about requests for extra security.

Now we know without a doubt that the administration was notified about the dangers. The administration knew Al Qaeda was operating in the same city and they knew that Ambassador Stevens and the rest of the diplomatic team feared for their lives, and their security security was inadequate. And yet no action was taken.

This evidence shows as never before, how much of a failure Obama has been on national security! We need a change! November 6th is our chance to fix it! We must do everything we can between now and Tuesday to keep our ad running in swing states so that we elect a new commander-in-chief!

MAF’s asking for donations to keep their ad running in critical swing-states and make sure that every voter is aware just how awful Obama has been when it come to our national security.


Today, the Mitt Romney campaign announced that a group of 150 former Prisoners of War (POWs) from various wars and conflicts have come together to announce their support for Mitt Romney. The list includes some of the most famous POWs in history, like Senator John McCain who spent over five years as a POW in the hands of the Communist North Vietnamese.


Barack Obama’s campaign released a new ad featuring General Colin Powell from the Bush administration declaring his support for Obama. It’s a 30 second ad talking mostly about economic issues but it’s clearly an attempt to show that Obama has support from the military. How much support does Obama have? Well, five high ranking military officials have endorsed him.
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Judge Jeanine Pirro: Help Denied – People Died in Benghazi (Video)

Judge Jeanine Pirro on Fox continues to provide  some of the best coverage on Benghazi-gate. In her opening monologue, she  skewered the Obama administration for its continued lies and cover-ups. She interviewed John McCain who told her that he’s never seen US veterans as angry as they are right now at this President.

Video via Mass teaparty


Retired Col and Fox News military analyst David Hunt and former CIA operative Mike Baker joined Judge Jeanine Pirro on her show Saturday to discuss Benghazi. At issue was what possible reason could there have been for the Obama administration to leave Americans under attack to fend for themselves.

When Pirro played devils advocate, saying, “let’s assume they were worried about collateral damage,” Baker replied, “this is the part that is so frustrating and disingenuous and honestly, I don’t know how anyone who’s been in the military or the intel community and operations overseas can understand or process what the White House has been saying, where they say “we just didn’t have enough information..”

Hunt added, “we had a gauntlet of information — we had visual and audio information – again we’ve fighting for eleven years in Iraq and Afghanistan – we know how to do this!”

Video via Mass teaparty

Dr. Gina Loudon Stumping in Missouri: “Who in the World’s More Blameless than Todd Akin?” (Video)

Dr. Gina Loudon traveled to Missouri from San Diego to stump for Todd Akin with the Faith and Family Freedom Fund’s Repeal and Replace Claire McCaskill bus tour. She gave an impassioned speech for Akin, Friday night at Crown Center in front of a room full of supporters.

A personal friend of the Akin family, she vouched for his character, exclaiming, “who can be more blameless than Todd Akin?!” She stated her belief that a small miracle was happening in Missouri – that Todd Akin, the underdog in the race due to the unfortunate comments he made over the summer – has come back from behind, and is essentially tied with McCaskill, and with zero support from the party.