Video: Remember, a Vote For Romney is a Vote For Religious Freedom

Via Catholic Vote:

The HHS Mandate is the single most egregious attack on religious freedom in the history of our country. This November we must defend that freedom for the sake of our faith and our country.

Compare that to a this sick, exploitative Planned Parenthood “powerful video” using young girls we’re expected to believe are pro-abortion.: “Mommy Vote for Obama” to Protect Abortion:

A new video making the rounds online with liberals has daughters, some of whom are clearly too young to engage in consensual sex, urging voters to support President Obama to protect legalized abortion.

“I can’t vote yet, but you can. Please vote for President Obama, otherwise your vote is a vote against me. Make the right choice so when I grow up, I can still have one,” the girls say.

A vote for Romney is also a vote against the depraved Obamacrat practice of exploiting children in service of his Highness.


4 thoughts on “Video: Remember, a Vote For Romney is a Vote For Religious Freedom

  1. Every child is innately pro-life. It takes years of indoctrination to convince girls that they have a right to kill their unborn babies.


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  3. dimoCraps and their “props”, so heartwarming.

    Fortunately for that group of kids, their Mothers did make the right choice, therefore they didn’t end up with a pair of forceps in the back of their heads and a hoover vacuum sucking out their brains. So now, since they survived a episode like that, the dim party can now start the indoctrination programs on them for the future of the party.


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