Obama Won the Catholic Vote Despite His Attacks on the Church

This heart-breaking and enraging news comes via Gateway Pundit:

This is despite the fact that his HHS mandate forces the Church to pay for abortion and birth control. And it didn’t appear to matter to Catholics that Joe Biden openly lied about it during his national debate with Catholic Paul Ryan.
Catholic News Agency reported:

The Catholic vote was divided much as was the rest of the nation’s voters, leaning slightly in favor of Obama. A final Gallup poll, reflecting tracking from Nov. 1 to 4, showed Catholics favoring Obama by 52 to 45 percent.

Thank-you Cardinal Dolan for being so open to “dialogue” that you invited an enemy of the church to yuk it up with you and liberal pro-abort Catholics at the Al Smith Dinner, last month. What a wonderful example that set for the flock – instead of informing them of what the five non-negotiables are, and how Obama’s policies violate the Church’s position on every single one of them to a horrifying degree, you showed the faithful the importance of “dialogue” even though it cost pro-lifers the election and put the most radically pro-abortion President in the history of the United States back in the White House for another four years.

Isn’t that great? Catholics just voted for the privilege of paying for Sandra Fluke’s contraception needs, not to mention a $1.00 surcharge each month on our health care premiums to fund abortions. That’s what liberal Catholics call “social justice.”

On Sunday, my parish priest offered this powerful admonition to the faithful: “Vote responsibly”.

I was just overwhelmed by the non- partisan brilliance of that. There was no attempt to define what a responsible, informed Catholic vote was because that would be – you know –  divisive.

No, just go out and vote, and as long as you convince yourself that you’re voting “responsibly” all will be well.

Many Catholic clerics spoke out. But not enough. Not nearly enough.

To whomever much is given, of him will much be required; and to whom much was entrusted, of him more will be asked. Luke 12:35-48, World English Bible

Dies Irae – Day of Wrath:

Dies irae, dies ilia Quando iudex est venturus
[dee-ehs ee-reh, dee-ehs ee-lahJ [kwahn-daw yoo-dex ehst vehn-too-roos]
Day of wrath, day that will when the judge comes

Solvet saeclum in favilla, Cuncta stricte discussurus!
[sohl-veht seh-kloom een fah-vee-lahJ [koongk-tah stree-kteh dee-skoo-soo-roos]
Dissolve the world into burning coals, To strictly sentence all.

Teste David cum sibylla. Pie ]esu Domine,
[teh-steh dah-veed koom see-bee-lahJ [pee-eh yeh-soo daw-mee-neh]
As David prophesied with the Sibyl.* Merciful Lord]esus,

Quantus tremor est futurus, dona eis requiem.
[kwahn-toos treh-mawr ehst foo-too-roosJ [daw-nah eh-ees reh-kwee-ehm]
How great trembling there will be, Grant them rest.


Weasel Zippers: Planned Parenthood President: “Now We Can Count On Another Four Years Of A President Who Is An Outspoken Supporter Of Planned Parenthood”…

Stand up and give yourselves a big pat on the back, Obama voting Catholics.

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11 thoughts on “Obama Won the Catholic Vote Despite His Attacks on the Church

  1. Pretty pathetic but, not unexpected. Dopey librulism is a disease and religion all unto itself, the Catholics just like the Jews aren’t any different.

    Can’t we all just yuk along, to get along?


  2. I’ve been praying for Catholics to make a vote that doesn’t undermine our church. I do wish Ryan had chased this more effectively, talked about the consequences for the church, our charities, our hospitals and our schools. If we have to close our doors, we leave the needy at the mercy of the State. If we stay open, we encourage others to sin. A truly evil situation buoyed by lukewarm Catholicism. It has moved me to reflect much more on my faith, and instilled in me how I need to take my faith more seriously.


  3. I no longer contribute to the catholic management system anymore. For 15 years we have not had aggressive capital punishment to convict their management of child abuse negligence, fraud and obstruction of justice. Apparently for 50 years the management has not publically excommunicated politicans for deliberate stances against the church. Kennedy, Pelosi, Kerry, Biden and the list goes on.

    DO volunteer your time and pay your tithings to local organizations that are committed to helping others and not paying off plaintiffs. Teach people to be self sufficient and keep their support local so as to not be taken for granted.


  4. The Catholics (like the Baptists) have no one to blame but themselves, for they are the ones who tut-tutted when their bishops jumped head-first into “social justice” back a few decades ago. It all sounded so…I don’t know, maybe FAIR?…back then.

    But look at the monster you’ve allowed to grow in your own house!

    It’s time for Christians to realize Christ told us to turn the other cheek ONCE, not to get bludgeoned to death. And Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, etc., are just as guilty for the ignorant tut-tuts as the Catholics.


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