Video: Bill Whittle Talks Strategy for Conservatives

Wherein Whittle puts his finger on the rot that caused the disaster, yesterday.

He explains that what happened is a result of a trend that has resulted in a reduction of the fundamental health of the country. The form of government that we love as conservatives and feel slipping away from us, boils down to one thing, he says,  and one thing only: the entire premise of limited government must be based on a virtuous people –  decent hard working people have internal restraints on their behavior.

The fact that people live their entire lives  without going to work, dependent upon those entitlements means that 50% of the population is lacking fundamental virtues as we understand the word, classically.  50% are happy to raid the treasury – the pot of  intellectual and financial and cultural and spiritual wealth for the past 50 years now and “we’re out of this stuff.”

Those people now outnumber us.

Like me, he doesn’t have a problem with a safety net, but not a safety hammock that a non virtuous people will take advantage of their entire lives.

Listen, as he hashes out his thoughts – most of which, I’m sure you’ll agree.

This is long – but well worth listening to. His solution is for conservatives to build a parallel construct where virtuous producers are willing to spend twice for receive goods and services that they need in life – including a national academy in lieu of the public school system..


11 thoughts on “Video: Bill Whittle Talks Strategy for Conservatives

  1. The Takers have overtaken the Makers, it is over, as I was afraid. Free stuff will now forever trump the correct but hard choice. Greece will look like a party. The debt will balloon and money will be printed. Free health care for all will be the new mantra, yet nothing is in place to lower the cost. Amazingly, Bush will still be blamed for 4 more years and the media will say nothing. Libya and cover-ups will still continue and the media will look the over way and questioners (true journalists) will be labeled as racists and haters. They will do nothing but spend and blame the House for the outcome of all of their bad policies.
    The Republicans had ONE chance this was it. As a libertarian, I have said for years that social issues were losers and should have no place in the NATIONAL conversation. All they did was give the Liberals emotional ammunition. The truth is – that if the republicans had promoted Ron Paul he would have WON ! But they never will, the Republican power brokers will never allow it, because truly shrinking government means shrinking their ranks also.
    True Liberty is the only answer but it is now out of reach. We are the USSR and don’t even know it.


  2. Yep. I hear laura Ingraham say this morning that the Republican party has to move further right to win, but I can’t really agree that had Romney done that, that he would have been easier fodder for the MSM. Here in Indiana Mourdock is far right. He has been at every tea party I have attended, and he is a true conservative. But the MSM and the left used some of that to beat him up and it worked. Had Romney have been a far right conservative I can’t see that it would have helped him. Now, I don’t know. Clearly we could not have fought harder. Yet we still lost. In any battle, when that happens, you have to try a new strategy. We have to beat them at their own game, and it mens we have to get dirtier than we do now. We always try to take the upper road, but it isn’t working anymore. Perhaps take apage from alinsky and break the system before the next election in hopes that the fools on the left will finally see what they have wrought. I don’t know.


  3. Romney’s mistake was refusing to define who Obama really is. Instead, he let Obama create a completely fictional plutocrat villain out of him. Obama is not “just a nice guy who is in over his head”. I always said that using that tact would be a huge mistake because it allowed the electorate to believe Obama’s spurious lies. Would a nice guy like Obama lie? Yes, idiots – pretty much every time he gets in front of a camera.

    So thanks, Mitt, for telling everyone the opposite of the truth, thus abandoning the age-old principle that “honesty is the best policy.”

    Obama is an Alinsky trained Marxist who ran a dishonorable campaign. It would have been nice if half the electorate who are too busy with their own lives to do their own digging had been introduced to names like “Frank Marshall Davis” and “Rashid Khalidi” but the brain trust in the Republican establishment thought telling the truth about Obama would turn off too many voters. Because the American people can’t handle the truth or something.


  4. Hubby went out and bought 1,100 rounds of 22 long rifle bullets, this morning. He said there was a line of people stocking up on bullets. We are in for one hell of a bumpy ride. Everything Obama does turns to shit.


  5. If we let obama and the left string this out for 4 more years we will never defeat them. We, the makers, have to force our hand and cut the money supply off to the takers. This means going Galt. This means losing a lot of what you have on purpose. The choice is this or letting the left take it from us anyway. They have to take it from us within the next 4 years to keep their takers happy and voting. Best attack is to not let them have any of it. Two choices, they take what we have, or we get out of the system and deny them of any of it.


  6. I love Bill Whittle and I can agree with lots of what he has stated here, however I’m thinking while we may not be dead, we are certainly on life support. We have the boot placed right across our throat. I’m still so shocked of this outcome, I really don’t know what the answer is, but I don’t think we have much time to build a parallel or alternate existence as Bill is proposing.

    These libs have worked for the last century meticulously dismantling and chipping away at our Constitution, Values, Morality and Virtues. Whenever they have failed, they returned bigger and stronger under a different label and just continued to march.

    Perhaps the best outlook one can take away from this situation is, if the Country is going to collapse or go over the cliff at least it’ll be a dimocrap at the wheel when it does. The thought is still horrifying though.

    As far as the gop and rino’s . . . . I’m finished, done. If I hear one more rino tell me that the gop needs to reach out better to the Hispanic and black community, I’m going to put my foot either through the television or down their throat.


  7. Deb, thank you for the stellar job that you’ve done the last several months collecting and posting all the information that you posted for us everyday in order to keep us informed. Great job, we really appreciate it, thank you.


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