Holder Thinking About Stepping Down

This isn’t especially earth shattering, given that Attorney Generals rarely stay beyond one term, and Obama is likely to have someone equally corrupt on tap to replace him.

Attorney General Eric Holder said on Thursday he has not decided whether to stay on as the chief U.S. law enforcement officer in President Barack Obama’s second term.

Holder, speaking to law students at the University of Baltimore, said he still must speak with Obama and with his own family and ask himself, “Do I have some gas left in the tank?”

“That’s something that I’m in the process now of trying to determine,” he said.

Reuters made sure to note that  “Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives said a congressional inquiry into Fast and Furious was political, and the Justice Department’s inspector general cleared Holder of any wrongdoing.”

See, the whole Fast and Furious thing was a racist Republican witch hunt, and Holder was totally cleared of any wrongdoing, there. And if you doubt me, google IG report clears Eric Holder of any wrongdoing and see how many hundreds of pages come up  attesting to that. Holder is as clean as the wind driven snow, just so you know. No doubt that’s what the history books will say, too.

You have to actually do a little digging to find; Atlantic columnist, ’60 minutes’ analyst: IG report proves Eric Holder must resign over Fast and Furious

The Justice Department’s Public Affairs director, Tracy Schmaler, has said the inspector general’s report “cleared,” “exonerated,” and “vindicated” Holder, claims that a variety of media outlets and pundits have repeated uncritically. But Cohen, a left-leaning journalist, plainly was not convinced.

“Even viewing the documents and investigation in a light most favorable to the current head of the Justice Department, even discounting the conspiracy theories offered by the Administration’s most ardent critics, the Inspector General’s report tells us that Holder ultimately failed to do what he absolutely had to do at Justice when he succeeded caretaker Attorney General Michael Mukasey in early 2009,” Cohen wrote.

As one of the administration’s most ardent critics, I don’t discount the “conspiracy theories,” myself. There are no other theories out there to explain why the administration thought it was a good idea to walk thousands of guns into the hands of Mexican bandits to kill people with.

Cohen added that, while the inspector general concluded that Holder was not personally aware of Fast and Furious until February 2011, “avoiding perjury or obstruction of justice, or being ignorant of your department’s biggest scandal, is no cause for relief. … There’s no dispute that he should have known.”

Cohen also criticized Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer and the consistent failure of administration of officials to communicate.

“The [inspector general’s] report confirms that Breuer knew about the program in 2010 and yet failed to tell his boss about it,” Cohen wrote. “Never mind what Breuer then said to Congress; this initial failure to report the critical information up the line is inexcusable and unacceptable. And so is Holder’s failure this week even to mention, in his remarks responding to the OIG report, what Breuer belatedly conceded was his ‘mistake.’ Breuer should have resigned long ago. And, since he didn’t, this week Holder should have fired him. Trust me, the Department can live without Lanny Breuer.”
Of course,  Breuer remains at his post, too, even after calls for his scalp from House Republicans following the IG report:

Republicans are calling for more heads to roll in the wake of a lengthy inspector general report on the botched “Fast and Furious” operation that culminated in the immediate resignations of two top officials.

Lanny Breuer, the assistant attorney general for the Justice Department’s (DOJ) criminal division, is at the top of the GOP’s list of officials they are pressing to step down or be fired.

“He failed to connect ‘dots’ on gun walking that a summer law clerk intern could have seen. By either errors of omission or commission, two demonstrably false letters were sent from the DOJ to committees of congress. Out of respect for the department and what the concept of Justice means, he needs to resign.”

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) has also called on Breuer to be removed. As the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Grassley initiated Congress’ inquiries into “Fast and Furious” early last year. After calling for Breuer’s resignation 10 months ago, Grassley is maintaining that he should step aside in the wake of the IG’s report, his office told The Hill.“I’m not somebody who flippantly calls for resignations,” said Grassley, on the Senate floor in December. “I’ve done oversight for many years, and in all that time I don’t ever remember coming across a government official who so blatantly placed sparing agencies embarrassment over protecting the lives of citizens.“He has failed to do his job of insuring that the government operate [properly], including holding people accountable. Because of that Mr. Breuer needs to go immediately.”
Not that any of this matters. Like I said, even if they stepped down, they’d be replaced with equally, corrupt left-wing ideologues, although it would be a tall order to find anyone even more corrupt than those two…
Thomas Perez, I suppose.
Think about it. As bad as the last four years have been, the next four years will be even worse because the criminals in this administration will no longer be restrained by politics.
What a nightmare.

8 thoughts on “Holder Thinking About Stepping Down

  1. That move wouldn’t surprise me in the least. The only question that would remain is there enough fortitude in the republican party to block it and would they? It’s not like this guy doesn’t have a deep enough record going back to his Clinton days as Reno’s assistant. How he got approved after that fiasco, for the current position I’ll never figure out and it has continued till today.

    And the beat goes on!


  2. And of course, Dingy has moved to change Senate rules to prevent Republicans from filibustering, which they would HAVE to do if Obama nominated him. OMG.
    Why not nominate Bill Ayers to be Atty Gen to take his place, and Kevin Jennings to be Sec of Education. Makes as much sense. Dan Savage can be our Ambassador to the Vatican….Chris Matthews the new White House Spokesman.
    And so on.


  3. I don’t know if Dingy would want to live with the consequences of a move like that. It certainly would come back and bite him in the arse, if the usual party out of power mid terms come to pass.


  4. @Geo: At that point all Dingy would have to do is get in front of the mikes and sob before the American people how evil and unfair the Republicans are, and the blithering fools (including the LSM) who keep foisting the socialists on us would eat it up and demand change to the old system. That’s how the jackasses work, ya know.

    And as far as whether Mr My People “has some gas left in the tank,” I doubt it – he blew it all out his posterior on the American people, the citizens of this once-great country, and on the Constitution he swore to uphold. What other reason is there to think it all stinks as bad as it does?


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