Judge Jeanine Pirro: The Timing of Petraeus Resignation Anything But a Coincidence (Video)

Outside of the ObamaMedia, BS meters are spinning all across the nation over the Petraeus resignation. Sharp and savvy Judge Jeanine  Pirro  is on the case.

Bonus video:

Former Navy Seal, and CIA operative, Chris Heben  discussed Hillary Clinton’s Handling Of Benghazi with  Pirro:

This is good – listen to every word this man says – from “these guys were left out to dry like a set of dogs balls” to “I don’t really believe much that comes out of her mouth” to his shrewd observation that “sex sells” which means the Johnny-come-lately lamestreamers may finally start sniffing around this story.

Both videos via Massteaparty

Meet Christopher Mark Heben:

Christopher Mark Anthony Heben is a former United States Navy SEAL Commando and holds a masters degree in Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS) from the University of Nebraska Medical Center, specializing in both Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine.

During his service as US Navy SEAL, Mr. Heben was assigned to SEAL Team 8 for a period of four years before attaching to the Assault Cell of Det. 309 of the Naval Special Warfare Group II Reserve Unit (NSWG2 SEAL Team 18) as an Assault Cell Trainer while going through the combined Physician Assistant/Surgeon Assistant Programs.  During this time, Mr. Heben deployed to the Middle East, Southwest Asia and Africa in support of Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of State (DoD) interests in these regions.

Mr. Heben’s advanced warfare qualifications consist of Technical shooting, Small Unit Tactics, Advanced Urban Combat, MOUT Operations, Close Quarters Battle (CQB)/Close Quarters Defense (CQD), Combat Pistol, Combat Rifle, Explosive and Manual Breaching, Lock Picking, Advanced Accelerated Freefall, Communications, Photo Intelligence, Diplomatic Protection, and Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC).

Mr. Heben’s experience as a U.S. Navy SEAL and as a U.S. Government Contractor consists of more than ten years of extreme field operations, spanning across the Middle East, Africa, Southwest Asia, and European theaters of operation. Mr. Heben has helped to establish as well as to enforced U.S. Foreign Policy in these regions with the highest degree of professionalism.  In the performance of his duties, Mr. Heben has brought great credit upon the United States of America and also to the fraternity of brothers that forged him into the individual that he is today….The United States Navy SEAL Teams.

He’s the second oldest of 12 children.


Krauthammer also predicted that thanks to the sex scandal, Benghazi will become the “biggest story around”:

A more pessimistic point of view:



Gateway Pundit: Ron Kessler on Petraeus Resignation: There Are Several Cover-ups Going On (Video)

Examiner: Anti-Al Qaeda Libyans reveal Obama administration helped Al-Qaeda in Benghazi

Walid Shoebat, a former Muslim Brotherhood member now peace activist broke news Saturday night that anti-Al Qaeda Libyans living in exile are in possession of highly classified documents that reveal Obama and his administration’s involvement with Al-Qaeda in Libya, more than what has been previously known.

The anti-Al Qaeda Libyans told Shoebat in reference to Obama’s statements that Al-Qaeda had been destroyed that Obama had gift-wrapped Libya, handed it over to Al-Qaeda, and that they can prove it.

The group plans to turn over the countless documents an intelligence to the National Center For Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism.

Aaron Klein: Is this why CIA chief really resigned?

JERUSALEM – The speculation surrounding the sudden resignation of CIA Chief General David Petraeus is focusing in large part on his role in an alleged cover-up of the attacks against the U.S. mission in Benghazi this past September.

Perhaps overlooked is the CIA’s role in purportedly using the Benghazi mission to coordinate U.S. aid to Syrian opposition groups and information those same insurgents include jihadists openly acting under the al-Qaida umbrella.

One week before he was slated to testify before Congress on the Benghazi debacle, Petraeus on Friday night announced his resignation, citing an extramarital affair, and it was reported he will no longer testify.

Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., the House Homeland Security Committee chairman, charged in an interview with CNN that Petraeus is “at the center of this, and there are answers that only he has.” King was referring to the Benghazi attacks.

Asked if he will still call for Petraeus to testify despite his resignation, Rep. King replied, “Absolutely, to me, he’s an absolutely necessary witness.”

Robert Spencer, FrontPageMagazine: The Convenient Resignation of General Petraeus:

For surely it was just a coincidence that Petraeus resigned on Thursday, the very same day that Fox News reported that the Foreign Affairs Committee was planning to call him to testify at their Benghazi hearings, along with Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and Matt Olsen, the director of the National Counterterrorism Center. Surely that had nothing to do with Petraeus’s decision to submit his resignation. This couldn’t have had anything to do with his quitting. It is much more likely indeed that suddenly, just as the news that he was going to be summoned to testify came in to his office, Petraeus was overcome with remorse over his affair, and decided – although apparently the affair began some time ago, since there were rumors about it while he was still in Afghanistan – that Thursday was the day, right then and there, to come clean and resign his position.

The preposterousness of this scenario is obvious. And the convenience of the timing for Barack Obama cannot be overlooked. Now Petraeus will not be testifying at the House hearings, and so, barring a subpoena, the primary witness to who ordered the CIA to stand down in Benghazi has been removed.

Big Government: Petraeus Mistress Suggests Benghazi Attack Was Aimed At Secret CIA Prison:

Paula Broadwell made the astonishing assertion during an October 26 speech at the University of Denver.

“Now, I don’t know if a lot of you have heard this but the CIA annex had actually taken a couple of Libyan militia members prisoner, and they think that the attack on the consulate was an effort to try get these prisoners back, so that’s still being vetted,” Broadwell said during the question-and-answer session of her presentation when an audience member asked her to comment on Libya.

Broadwell, who was speaking at her alma mater about her biography of Petraeus, confirmed the Fox News report (Broadwell said Jennifer Griffin’s report had “insightful information”) that came out on the day of her speech that said the Obama administration denied Americans on the ground in Libya the security and help they requested, telling NAVY Seals in Libya who wanted to help U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans who were eventually murdered to “stand down.”

“The facts that came out today is that the ground forces there at the CIA annex, which is different from the consulate, were requesting reinforcements,” Broadwell said. “They were requesting the – it’s called the CINC’s (Commander-in-Chief’s) In Extremis Force – a group of Delta Force operators, our very, most talented guys we have in the military. They could have come and reinforced the consulate and the CIA annex that were under attack. “

Broadwell said the “challenging thing” for Petraeus was, as Director of the CIA, he was “not allowed to communicate with the press.”

Linked by Doug Ross, thanks!


7 thoughts on “Judge Jeanine Pirro: The Timing of Petraeus Resignation Anything But a Coincidence (Video)

  1. I hope Obama fries for this treachery-he makes my skin crawl. If that SEAL uses language like that on TV can you imagine truly how POed he and their whole community must feel. And the ultimate skin crawling experience of the weekend was that short appearance by Hillary, disgusting.

    Another great post ND, took me over a 1/2 hour to follow everything.


  2. Jeanine has really managed to come into her own with this show as she has with her own career. She has had a very successful career in Westchester County, New York as a advocate, a Judge and as a Prosecutor. She has also carried a albatross around her neck during her entire career, her husband. Despite many very public personal embarrassments she has always marched on fulfilling her obligations and rose above the fray. It’s quite a accomplishment that could’ve killed many other people’s careers.

    That clip of Hillary praising Ambassador Stevens really infuriates me, when you stop and realize the jeopardy that this administration placed him in, along with the others, then left them high and dry. I guess it’s Hillary’s battle hardened background of coming under fire in Bosnia that gives her the creds to speak like that of taking risks.


  3. Oh, that’s right – thanks for reminding me of her heroism in Bosnia – I almost forgot about how she had come under sniper fire as she disembarked from the plane. There was no greeting ceremony because she was too busy running with her head down, dodging bullets.

    (There’s a reason why sensible people don’t believe a word of what comes out of her mouth.)


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