Saturday Movie Matinee: Hmmmmmm

Via Gateway Pundit: CIA Analyst on Petraeus Departure: “TIMING IS TOO PERFECT… IT REALLY SMELLS” (Video)

Retired Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters accused the Obama Administration of holding on to the news of Petraeus’ affair until they needed it – right before he was to go before a Senate committee and get grilled on Benghazi.

The timing is too perfect for the Obama administration. Just as the administration claimed it was purely coincidence that the Benghazi consulate was attacked on 9-11. Now it’s purely coincidence that this affair surfaces right after the election but before the intelligence chiefs go to capital hill to get grilled…. It really smells.

It’s not a coincidence. There are no coincidences in politics – and this is the CIA we’re talking about. Keeping secrets is what they do. This stinks to high heaven.

Rep. Trey Gowdy: Either Petraeus Will Come and Testify to Congress Or He Will Be Subpoenaed (Video)

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) told Greta Van Susteren tonight that Petraeus will be questioned before Congress despite his resignation today.

“The fact that he’s resigned and had an affair has nothing to do with whether he will be subpoenaed to Congress. I hope we don’t have to subpoena a four star general and a former CIA director.

Gowdy says Petraeus may get away with ducking out of next week’s hearings because of “personal problems”, but he is going to be called back to answer questions, eventually and using the same excuse to get out of it will “get stale.”

Congressman Chaffetz on Petraeus Resignation:

Congressman Jason Chaffetz emphatically responds to Liz Cheney, who is hosting Hannity on Friday November 9, 2012, that General Petraeus “should absolutely, totally testify.” He notes that Hillary Clinton said she will be unavailable during the hearings next week and that President Obama is leaving for Asia amidst the crises; among them, the looming “fiscal cliff.”

After Chaffetz said the Obama administration has been engaging in one of the biggest cover-ups in our nation’s history, he noted that the cover -up is usually worse than the crime, but  when the country finds out what happened in Benghazi, they’re not going to believe it.

CIA Agent Bob Baer Insist More To General Petraeus Resigning “This Isn’t How This Is Handled”:

Flashback to October 26: Michael Savage October 26, 2012: INTRO: New Benghazi Revelations:

PJTV: Sneak Peek — Election Hot Seat with Bill Whittle: Lessons Learned This Election:

Don’t miss even one episode of Hot Seat with Bill Whittle Become a PJTV member today. To find out more, click here:

Bill Whittle enters the Election Hot Seat to answer your burning questions. In this sneak peek, Bill talks about what he learned this election.

Curtis Bowers of “Agenda: Grinding America Down”:

Curtis Bowers, writer, producer, director, and star of the documentary “Agenda, Grinding America Down”, appears in person in Mesa, AZ, Oct 2, 2012

The Agenda – Grinding America Down Trailer:

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10 thoughts on “Saturday Movie Matinee: Hmmmmmm

  1. For me, the most significant aspect of Petraeus’s resignation is that despite the conclusively suspicious timing, Obama and his Administration decided that they could get away with it — that no amount of public outcry or demand for investigation could possibly harm them. They’re behaving as if they’d won the election 70%-30%.

    This does not bode well for the next four yearrs.


  2. The timing is very suspicious regarding this incident. If it were a National Security risk after the election, it certainly was before the election. COL Peters is exactly right as is Bob Baer. Who opened this investigation and against who? This situation [regarding Petraeus] was “sitting in someone’s desk drawer”, it didn’t materialize overnight and conveniently just two days after a election.

    The administrations default position on Benghazi was to blame the video, when that didn’t seem to fly, leaks started that it was a “Intel” problem. For a while the Agency kept quite publicly, but someone started to leak documents and information to Fox News who were the only ones reporting on it. Then Petraeus seemed to throw obama under the bus, when a assistant released a statement that it wasn’t us. We were willing and able to assist if requested, no one bothered to ask.

    Is Mueller the new J. Edgar at the FBI? is he the one who had and was holding this information? Did he have a “Court Order” to go after emails, especially with the Director of the CIA? There has always been a riff between the two agencies, it goes way back to the days of the OSS. It was suppose to be resolved after 9-11 when the wall was dismantled between the two agencies that Jamie Gorelick put into place. The mistress of disaster! Who’s name has been thrown about for many positions. This entire situation has the wiff of Chicago thug politics all over it. Everything is “timing” with this crowd. How many “sealed” Court cases have been conveniently dropped at just the perfect time?

    Petraeus is now about the sixth General Flag Officer who has gone against this administration and seems to have bit the bullet over it. All stemming from the Libyan/Benghazi incident. General Ham was removed from AFRICOM and a Naval Officer [who’s name escapes me right now] was removed from Command of a Middle East Fleet. Both supposedly defied orders to “stand down” and tried to organize a reaction force to rescue personnel who came under attack.

    I believe this is a systematic dismantling of the Military, especially those who are perceived as disloyal or have gone against the administration. Next up will be the sequestration cuts that the last two Secretaries of Defense have stated will destroy the Military. Petraeus was eliminated as a threat by this administration, when he was “asked” to retire and told he would get the CIA position. Petraeus could’ve walked away with the Republican nomination, it was his for the asking. Nobody could’ve touched him on it. After he was eliminated as a threat, he then threw the administration under the bus over Benghazi, he outlived his usefulness, it was time to reach into the drawer and pull the trump card that would effectively kill him off, before his testimony and of course after the election.

    The only problem is he will be subpoenaed at some point in time. If this affair happened while he was still on Active Duty, he is subject to being prosecuted under the UCMJ [Uniformed Code of Military Justice} and Courts Martialed for it. Are they holding this over his head for any future testimony?

    These are very dangerous times. Are we witnessing the neutering of the Military. Is this a Coup d’etat? Everyday my mail box is loaded from former associates who are deeply troubled as to what is going on right before our eyes. These thugs are known for these happenstances, they don’t happen in a vacuum.


  3. It wouldn’t be the first time, even in recent history. Just look at what happened to General McChrystal, when during a time of War, Rolling Stone decided to go after him and have him relieved. Most of what appeared in that hit piece was items not directly attributed to McChrystal, but were quotes from members of his immediate staff.

    Foolishly stupid and very naive coming from two of the brightest minds in recent Military history.


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