Video: Eliot Spitzer on Petraeus Resignation: “To State the Obvious, I Understand His Sentiments and Feelings…”

Here’s a brief comic interlude for your enjoyment…

My hubby was channel surfing, tonight, when he came across Client #9 on Current TV discussing the Petraeus resignation with Michael Tomasky of Newsweak. Naturally, neither one of these two had anything particularly bright or noteworthy to say about this story, but hilarity did ensue at about :55 secs in.

Note also, how funny they find the very idea that the the regime would use the affair to keep Petraeus quiet about Benghazi: “That’s crazy! lolol!”

Obama’s minions in the media doth protest too much.

Investor’s Business Daily engaged in some crazy-talk: Was David Petraeus Blackmailed By His Own Government?

Petraeus Scandal: An affair that was known to the FBI for months and kept from congressional oversight committees might explain his complicity in a false narrative of the Benghazi terrorist attack and the order to “stand down.”

The addition of sex to Benghazigate adds a dimension sure to keep the scandal going and one that does indeed make Watergate seem like a third-rate burglary. The affair admitted to by Gen. David Petraeus, now our former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, might have attached blackmail or the potential for blackmail to a scandal we have already called a case of criminal negligence.

But blackmail by whom?

And in Glen Beck’s opinion, black mail is the best explanation out there today:

Just follow this all the way through. This is the best explanation that I have heard yet to explain what might have happened with General Petraeus and the awful Benghazi Scandal that this administration is trying to cover up! Recorded November 12, 2012, from Glenn Beck on The Blaze/Dish Network – channel 212. This video does not belong to me but I am sure that The Blaze would be glad to share it. This woke me up enough when I watched this 30 minutes ago that I put it on here for you.


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5 thoughts on “Video: Eliot Spitzer on Petraeus Resignation: “To State the Obvious, I Understand His Sentiments and Feelings…”

  1. I knew you would cover Beck. He has a couple of excellent monologues on this topic. He nailed it (2 weeks ago) that Patraeus would be the scape goat.

    How do you bring tear down the one institution the public still respects/admires (via polling)? By discrediting those in charge. Why? Makes it easier to defund when the public is on board.

    “They are just a bunch of cheaters anyway!”


  2. Oh, and if the General’s affair doesn’t get the right political play for the administration you can bet that a “misappropriation of funds,” or “innocent civilians killed in drone strike,” or something of that nature will pop out of the wood work. Bet on it.


  3. That Beck video is chilling and borders on the unbelievable [NOT]. I love that “top drawer” theory, who would’ve thought of it? I seem to recall ……., never mind. One of the headlines on Drudge today is that Petraeus may be subject to prosecution under the UCMJ and may have had this held over his head. I seem to recall . . . . . .never mind again. Boradwell’s father is quoted in a article in the NY Daily News that there is a whole lot more involved to this situation than what is now known and that the details will be disclosed in time.

    And then this morning . . . . . we wake up to find out yet another General Officer [Allen] is ensnared in this entire mess and yet another full fledged investigation is launched. Paula Broadwell’s residence was visited by the FBI last night in Charlotte. I thought the investigation was concluded just a few days ago, why another visit now? How many other General Officers are going to follow now?

    I wonder if the President has been advised of any of the recent issues yet?


  4. And of course, the media is in full swarm over these idiotic sex scandals.
    Obama running guns to al Qaeda, getting Americans killed, lying about it, covering up — shhhh! That’s a “Faux News” story.


  5. As this scandal broadens and entraps more and more people, I have some growing concerns for some of the people involved. I am very familiar with this culture, despite some very serious indiscretions and out and out stupidity these Military Men has more honor in a nail clipping than anyone in the political arena. You will never find a “Profile in Courage” in political circles, especially in Washington. You can always find some on any given day in any branch of the Military.

    The General has served his Country extremely well for many years, his personal and professional reputation is now in taters and sinking fast. He has done some unrepairable damage to many people he cares for, including the hurt he inflicted on his family. The entire situation will become all consuming for him. I hope he has a guardian angel looking over him twenty four hours a day for the distant future, I really fear he is going to need it.


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