Looks Like Holder Will Be Staying On

Ugh. After indication last week that the scandal plagued Attorney General might step down because he was “running out of gas”, comes news via The NY Post that Obama is holding on to Eric Holder as the nation’s top law-enforcement official:

The newly re-elected president asked his controversial attorney general to stay for the second term, and Holder has agreed despite enduring a firestorm of criticism from Republican lawmakers.

“I don’t know if everyone in the White House wants him [Holder] to stay, but the important guy does, and that’s all that matters,” said one person briefed on the matter.

Holder’s office declined to comment.

I mentioned, last week, that contrary to what you may hear from the regime’s media toadies, Holder has not been completely “cleared” and “exonerated” of wrongdoing in Fast and Furious.

In the wake of the IG report, Andrew Cohen, a liberal legal analyst and Atlantic columnist said it best,  “avoiding perjury or obstruction of justice, or being ignorant of your department’s biggest scandal, is no cause for relief. … There’s no dispute that he should have known.”

It doesn’t exactly instill confidence that his entire defense was “I’m a completely incompetent boob.” Yet that is the defense that supposedly “cleared” him of wrongdoing in  Fast and Furious, the bloody gun running fiasco that has already caused hundreds of murders in Mexico and along the US border  and will continue to do so for many years to come. And that is looking at it in the most charitable light.

Awesome. Four more years of that guy as our top law enforcement official..


7 thoughts on “Looks Like Holder Will Be Staying On

  1. I would expect Obama to want Holder to stay on if for no other reason than Obama can toss him aside to take the heat if and when needed. Why let him walk off on his own accord when he could be used to shield the magnificent one when the SHTF.


  2. Or Holder is his firewall. He holds the keys to many unanswered scandals. Plus, it might be difficult to find someone as corrupt but qualified as Holder to take his place.


  3. Add in a dose of:
    Secretary of Defense -John effin Kerry . . . . “stay in school and get your education or you’ll end up in Iraq”.
    Secretary of State – Suzie [I’m not Condi] Rice . . . . the video queen.

    Welcome to the Neighborhood . . . . Won’t you be My Neighbor?


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