Nancy Pelosi Laughs (Video)

Via Greg Hengler of Townhall this is guaranteed to be the most disturbing thing you see all day:

The horror.

Brought to you by….(I’ll let Hengler tell you.)




7 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi Laughs (Video)

  1. Oh Gawd, not really. All I need now is Boehner standing next to her crying his eyes out. Now that I can relate too, with recent events.


  2. As was noted on “The Factor” last night, the real news is that Pelousy actually BLINKED! Try to find another clip where she does – it’s almost as if she’s an alien and one of her alien superiors finally noticed that she never blinks.

    Of course, the explanation may be that Botox is what aliens use for nutrition. But if that was the case, she should be fat as a balloon…


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