Video: Meet ‘Communist Denier’, Grover Furr Who Teaches Students at Montclair State

At a recent Campus Debate hosted by Young Americans for Liberty  at Montclair State, Professor Grover Furr, the debater representing the liberal position, claimed that Stalin was not responsible for any deaths.

When asked by a student how many deaths would be necessary for the Communist experiment to work, Furr rejected the premise.

Listen to the smattering of applause he got when he answered, “what you said is bullshit! It’s wrong, it’s a lie!” He says he’s been researching Communist history for many years and has yet to find one crime that Stalin has committed. reported at FrontPageMagazine:

A Soviet weekly newspaper put the total dead as a result of Stalin’s repressions at about 40 million people. A recent book authored by Stanford Professor of History Norman Naimark even argues that Stalin committed multiple genocides.

“It’s a horrific case of genocide,” said Naimark. “In some cases, a quota was established for the number to be executed, the number to be arrested.”

Furr, who has authored several books on the topic of Marxism, also insisted that the United States has the lowest standard of living among industrialized developed countries.

Communists have been coming out of the closet ever since we elected a fellow traveler to the White House. See RebelPundit’s Post,  Teachers Flock to Northwestern University for ‘Marxist Conference’ at Big Government for more on this disturbing phenomenon:

This Saturday, the Midwest Marxist Conference was held at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. The event was teeming with teachers who spoke about the new found bond between the radical socialists and their Teachers Union. The all-day event, which collected money to support Chicago Socialists and featured a communist bookstore, provided students on-campus along with the radical left community to plan the next phase in their activism.

Professor Furr contributed a comment to this  “Stalin Debate” post at George Mason University’s History News Network website:

Nearly six decades after Josef Stalin’s death, a debate has erupted in Germany on how to evaluate the Russian dictator’s regime. It’s been triggered by a newly released book by a high-profile Eastern European historian.

In his book, Jörg Baberowski delivers plenty of material for debate about the controversial Russian ruler Stalin. But the historian himself is uncompromising in his analysis. The ruler, he argues, was a passionate and ruthless psychopath, a despot who killed according to quotas, sparing no one, who sowed fear, horror and mistrust in his immediate surroundings and subjected an entire society to a culture of destruction and terror.

In his evocative book, Baberowski makes a case for this thesis on nearly 600 pages, quoting a wide range of sources. “I have not written a book about the Soviet Union or about Stalinism but rather about excessive force and what it does to people,” said the author and professor of Eastern European history at Humboldt University in Berlin in one of his many packed lectures….


Baberowski is an unprincipled liar and falsifier. See my article, “Baberowski’s Falsification” (2010), at…

[Note: I included original Russian text as well as translations. To read the Cyrillic you must change the character encoding on your browser to Cyrillis (Windows-1251), then change it back to display the German text correctly.]

How can Baberowski get away with deliberate faisifications like this? Reviewers and readers do not check his footnotes, many of which are to hard-to-find Russian materials.

Baberowski is also part of a larger group of anticommunist falsifiers, all of whom quote and praise each other, and all of whom use the same tactic: phony evidence through fraudulent footnotes.

Timothy Snyder does the same thing in _Bloodlands_. Phony “evidence” — the fraudulent use of footnotes to give the appearance of scholarship. In Snyder’s case the references are even more obscure: Polish books, instead of Russian ones, to document Soviet history; hard-to-find Ukrainian language sources, and so on.

IN the case of Baberowski, Snyder, and many others of the same ilk, there is a “tell”, a signal of their dishonesty: they make no effort even to appear objective. Their works are full of the shrillest anticommunist exclamations.

Bottom line: Baberowski, like Snyder and others, is a deliberate liar. This is true throughout his _magnum opus_ (until now), _Der Rote Terror_. But you can see how he works by studying my article (above).

It is significant that anticommunists have to lie about the Stalin period in order to make it look bad. Apparently they are unable to find anything that really happened and was “bad enough” for their ideological purposes — so they have to have recourse to lies and falsifications.

His comment was followed by four others who agreed with him. It makes me sick at heart to know that Communist operators like these cretins are influencing young skulls full of mush at our nation’s universities.

Communist atrocity deniers are even worse than Holocaust deniers because as Jeff Jacoby once famously wrote:

For pure murderous evil, there has never been a force to compare with Communism. The Nazis didn’t come close. The Holocaust was uniquely malignant – never before or since did one people construct a vast industry of death for the sole purpose of rounding up and destroying every single member of another people. But the Nazis exterminated 11 million innocents; the Communist death toll surpasses 100 million. Nazi power lasted from 1933 to 1945. The Communist nightmare began in November 1917, and continues to this day.

Savagery has always been a hallmark of Communism. It is an ideology that requires the destruction of human beings. “We have never rejected terror in principle,” wrote Lenin in 1901, “nor can we do so.”

Half a century later, even as he denounced the extremes to which his predecessors went, Nikita Khrushchev vowed that the terror so esteemed by Lenin would go on. “The questioning of Stalin’s terror,” he cautioned the Twentieth Party Congress in 1956, “may lead to the questioning of terror in general. But Bolshevism believes in the use of terror.” Not long afterward, Khrushchev sent 3,000 Soviet tanks to crush the Hungarian freedom fighters.

Communism equals murder. Everywhere. Always.

Watch and spread this video, Stalin, Man of Steel so that Communism’s murderous evil is never repeated.

Part 1:

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

15 thoughts on “Video: Meet ‘Communist Denier’, Grover Furr Who Teaches Students at Montclair State

  1. Communism, that special brand of western insanity we can’t seem to rid from our culture. I suppose it’s because it’s the only “philosophy” by which those who secretly enjoy force/corruption and hate morality can legitimize their existence in civil society.


  2. I was struck during the commentary about collectivization: “You don’t own that cow; you don’t own that plow…” Sounded strangely familiar.


  3. Kinda resembles the open academic and intellectual dialogue that takes place in and on most Universities today and have for some time now. For instance the recent coercion and intimidation that took place against the Student Republicans at Fordham University in New York.

    When University President Fr Joseph M. McShane arbitrarily cancelled out of hand a appearance by conservative author Ann Coulter, when he proclaimed her as “someone who intentionally inflicts pain on another human beings because of their race, gender, sexual orientation and creed”. How rich is that?

    Then in order to save himself some embarrassment and well deserved ridicule he managed to bully the Student Republicans to “self withdraw” the invitation themselves. I would guess after some hard arm twisting. Then proclaimed that he was so proud that they had reached the decision on their own, after some soul searching. “Soul searching”? How about force, intimidation, coercion, bullying and possible threats?

    But, that wasn’t the best part, that was yet to come. Following the lead of the other Catholic University Notre Dame where they invite and then bestow degrees to people who oppose their own Catholic teachings, Fordham went in the same direction. They invited Perter Singer who advocates infanticide just like the other invitee at Notre Dame.

    The following was released by Fr McShane’s spokesperson Mr Robert Howe:
    And their justification for that invitation was that he [Singer] “was a faculty member at a major university with a track record of serious publications, and was invited by our Theology Faculty. To the best of our knowledge, he does not slander people who hold opposing views, nor denigrate people’s race, gender, nor faith”. And here is the money line from this dopey lib hypocrite, Mr Howe: “To issue a statement on Professor Singer’s philosophical, logical, and moral shortcomings would be overstepping the boundaries of academic discourse”. Hey Howe, let me help you out here. . . .that’s because Singer’s audience dead and are unable to hold a intellectual conversation as you are, you moron.

    Now is that just so rich? It should also be noted that neither Howe or Fr McShane ever noted the alleged offensive hate speech of Ann Coulter. I on the other hand can provide volumes of Mr Singer’s murderous rhetoric that is totally incongruent with Church teachings, but for the sake of their academic freedom and agenda would never dare question his right to lecture at the university.

    What a bunch of hypocrites and pseudo intellectuals. All while one of their very own radicals went after the Church to provide contraceptives and abortions.


  4. Most of the “Catholic” universities out there, today are the antithesis of Catholicism and should be stripped of the title.


  5. These institutions have long been sewers of intellectual honestly and have only existed as indoctrination camps for our youth. One would however think that certain institutions would stop providing the enemy with the ammunition to fire back at them, but I guess the Catholic ones haven’t learned that lesson quite yet.

    One can only hope.


  6. In the meantime, Fr McShaMe is hiding under his desk and I guess so is his spokesperson. It seems some people are trying to hold them accountable for their arbitrary decision, mainly Legal Insurrection. But they just don’t seem to want a open and honest discussion on the matter. Kinda like what they did to the Young Republicans on campus.

    Click the link about Fordham is struggling to explain Peter Singer:

    Geez I wonder why?

    [word of advice to the Fordham Republicans: stand up for what you think is right, be prepared to defend it and don’t become rino’s like the weasels in Washington]


  7. Well, technically, you can’t commit a crime if you are supreme dictator, right?

    Thanks for mentioning the Stalin documentary video. As I was just watching Part 1, I kept thinking how many policies and themes we’re seeing echoed in modern America, how one could keep the sound track and drop in current news headlines and such. Kulaks… bitter clingers… yeah.

    Didn’t find a playlist, so I put one together here on YouTube. (Embed at my site.).

    On to part 2…


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