Gag: Chris Matthews and James Clyburn Defend Poor Susan Rice From Republican Racist Bullies (Video)

Give me a freaking break: Like Clockwork… Libs Play Race Card on Susan Rice Critics Gateway Pundit reports.

Matthews and Clyburn, taking their cue from their Master’s Press conference, yesterday, played the roles of two Dudley Doo-Rites defending the (young) lady in distress, Little Miss Susie Rice.

“Let’s talk about motive, here”, says Matthews, (who until very recently was regurgitating the same discredited regime line Rice did re the YouTube video) – “it does seem that even if a person makes a mistake… they were given the wrong brief, and they offered up the brief….why is there this HOSTILITY to this young public servant who isn’t a politician even, she serves in the foreign affairs capacity….why are they treating her like she’s somebody to punch?”

“This young African American woman, I might say”, Clyburn corrects him.

“Okay!!111!!” replies Matthews, (his leg thumping under the table as Clyburn has massaged his sweet spot.)

Excuse me. This African American woman is 47 years old and served during the Clinton administration. She’s not “young” nor is she new to politics. And when she went on five Sunday talk shows to parrot the regime’s talking points about Benghazi that were a pack of lies, that makes her a “hack” aka someone not qualified to be Secretary of State. And no matter what craven party apparatchiks like these two  say – it’s not racist to recognize that.

You want to see an unfair, racist attack? Take a look at how  oh-so  “racially sensitive” and ” tolerant” liberals treated that other Rice who was a wee  47 year old when she began  her tenure as Bush’s National Security Advisor.

Chrissy and Clyburn can get back to me when they see anything like that aimed at Susan Rice coming from Republican ranks. Otherwise they should kindly STFU.


Da Tech Guy: Kelly Ayotte: The Invisible Senator at the Benghazi event:

Wherein Peter makes the point that the MSM is purposefully leaving the  appealing Ayotte out of the Susan Rice debate.

You would think it’s kind of hard to ignore Kelly Ayotte at that event, She is tall (she towered over both Senators McCain & Graham) but she is a younger, photogenic woman who had a strong interest in this matter. I’d think that would be something to play up instead of just “two old white guys”.

I suggest that is exactly WHY she is left out.

It’s all a question of negative marketing. You can’t ignore John McCain, he is a former Presidential candidate and a war hero, but you can dismiss him, Lindsey Graham has been considered a protege of Sen McCain for a long time, if you want to pooh pooh McCain it’s fairly easy to do the same to Graham. He was a member of the impeachment crew vs Bill Clinton and is just another southern white guy.

But Kelly Ayotte is a relatively young senator, she is an up and coming member of the GOP and in fact the highest ranking member of the GOP in office out of New Hampshire. I mean how many photogenic northeast Republican women, backed by Sarah Palin, who are fearless conservatives in the Senate?

I submit and suggest that a conservative woman who is a rising star is exactly who the left and the media doesn’t want highlighted and a real effort is going to made to continue to downplay her and keep her unnoticed.

And of course if she is left out, then it is two old white guys beating up on Susan Rice a woman of color, but if Kelly Ayotte is making points like this:

“Let’s also not forget that, I think you all appreciate you don’t end up on every single major Sunday show without affirmatively putting yourself out there of wanting to carry forward a message on behalf of the administration.

…that narrative simply doesn’t work

John Nolte, Big Journalism: To Protect Obama From Libya, Media Turns McCain Into Captain Ahab:

With rumors circling that U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice might be nominated by President Obama to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, McCain, Graham, and Ayotte made clear yesterday that they would filibuster that nomination, at least until the Libya matter had been fully litigated and investigated in public hearings.

This touched off another round of Obama’s phony Libya indignation at yesterday’s press conference in defense of Rice, which was followed, to no one’s surprise, by a media backlash against McCain.

Obviously the White House talking points got to the media quickly because the exact same attack on McCain happened almost at exactly the same time. Late yesterday afternoon, I was literally flipping back and forth between CNN and MSNBC as Dana Bash and Chuck Todd reiterated the exact same talking points accusing McCain of being motivated only by residual bitterness left over by the loss of the 2008 campaign. In the 24 hours since, the Narrative has spread like wildfire.

This morning on the “Today Show,” Matt Lauer went a step further and accused McCain of hypocrisy. Lauer reminded the Arizona Senator that in the wake of the WMD debacle, he supported Condi Rice’s nomination to Secretary of State under George W. Bush. Lauer’s rationale is that Condi Rice is just as guilty (or innocent) as Susan Rice is of unintentionally spreading misinformation based on faulty intel.

Susan Rice, according to the media and White House, was only repeating what she knew from CIA talking points handed to her prior to her now-famous Sept. 16 appearance on all five Sunday shows, where she insisted the attack on the Benghazi consulate was not premeditated.

4 thoughts on “Gag: Chris Matthews and James Clyburn Defend Poor Susan Rice From Republican Racist Bullies (Video)

  1. Obama sent her out because he knew he could count on her to lie. The problem we have is I can’t think of anyone in the Congress with any ‘cods’ that will see this through to it’s rightful conclusion. I believe we know what that should be.


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