Video: Judge Jeanine Pirro on Petraeus: “At this Level, Affairs Do Matter”

Judge Jeanine Pirro’s Saturday night is must see viewing for anyone interested in getting to the bottom of Benghazigate.

On tonight’s show,  Pirro cut right to the chase: “Why would the good General in a closed door Senate Intel meeting back on Sept 14, promote that video nonsense, and then stay silent for six weeks while the nation debated and the families waited. Why not come out and say, I didn’t mean to confuse you, or maybe I didn’t put enough emphasis on this?  Enter the women…”

video via Massteaparty

And here’s an excellent discussion between Pirro, and Fox News National Security Analyst KT McFarland, who worked in the Bush White House, on what might have been involved in prepping “loyal soldier” Susan Rice before she appeared on five Sunday talk shows with the YouTube video “fairytale”.

Also, interestingly, McFarland offered her view that Obama won’t nominate Rice for Sec. of State because her Senate confirmation would turn into a Benghazi hearing, which is something the White House wants to avoid. (Good point.)

Video via ohioruthie·

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3 thoughts on “Video: Judge Jeanine Pirro on Petraeus: “At this Level, Affairs Do Matter”

  1. Can anyone help me?

    I am in a dead zone, only access is dial-up. Cannot see video. Is there any written transcript of of this?

    Judge Jeanine is the best. I’ve tried to find all her other opening statements since the Muslim murders in Libya. When you only have dial-up you can’t find anything!


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