What? After Obama Commends Morsi For Helping to Calm Violence Between Israel and Gaza, Egypt Fires Rockets into Israel?

 Egyptians shout anti-Israeli slogans during a demonstration in front of Al-Azhar mosque after the weekly Friday prayer in Cairo on November 16, 2012 (AFP Photo / STR)

Okay, I’m a little confused – maybe someone can straighten me out. I admit, I haven’t been following the escalating conflict between Israel and the Palestinians as closely as some, so bare with me.

Earlier today, the President of Egypt, Mohamed Morsy threatened Israel in a speech to an angry mob that was chanting about killing Jews.

“The price will be high if the aggression continues,” Morsy said after he performed Friday prayers in Fatma Al-Sharbatly Mosque in Cairo’s Fifth Settlement.

“Egypt is different from yesterday,” he added, referring to his predecessor ousted President Hosni Mubarak’s soft stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

“We assure them [Israel] that the price will be high for continued aggression, and [we tell them] you have to bear the responsibility,” Morsy continued.

During Morsy’s speech, worshipers chanted: “Khaybar, Khaybar, Oh Jews, the army of Mohamed will return,” in reference to a historical battle fought between Muslims and Jews in Saudi Arabia.

“I say to those on behalf of all the Egyptian people that Egypt today is different from yesterday, and Arabs today are different from yesterday. I say confidently that Egypt will not leave Gaza alone,” Morsy said.

After that, Obama called  Morsi “to commend the country’s efforts to help calm the situation in Israel and Gaza” and underscored his hope of restoring stability there.” Keep in mind, he had just threatened Israel with retaliation, if they continued to defend themselves against Palestinian aggression.

Egypt’s prime minister, Hisham Kandil, has said Cairo is prepared to mediate a truce in the growing violence between Israel and Hamas, the Islamist group that runs the Gaza Strip. Egypt’s government is allied with Hamas, but is also party to a 1979 peace treaty with Israel.

Then again, “Egypt is different from yesterday,” according to Morsi (Morsy) (Mursi) Good grief, how many damn spellings does one man need to have for a five letter name?

And now here’s the latest via The Weekly Standard: Report: Rockets Fired from Egypt Hit Israel.

Two major Israeli newspapers are reporting that rockets fired from Egypt have hit Israel.

“Terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula launched rockets into Israel Friday night,” reports the Jerusalem Post. “The rockets fell near an Israeli village on the southern border, causing some damage, but no injuries.”

The Israeli daily Haaretz reports, “Rockets fired from direction of Egypt toward Eshkol Regional Council.”

Please….Is Obama really this clueless?

Pray for Israel. They’re really going to need it. They are completely alone in the world.

Atlas Shrugs has more: Egypt Sides With Hamas, Rockets Launched From Sinai Crash Into Israel: #savageHamas Prime Minister Leads Gaza crowds in chants of “Long Live Egypt”

Israel now under attack from Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza (Hamas), Syrian jihadists in the north and now Egypt. The latest for The Israel Project:

Terror groups in the Sinai Peninsula launched rockets into Israel Friday night, another worrying sign that the territory may be in the midst of a percipitous slide into anarchy and violence. The rockets caused some damage but no injuries.

The Morsi government has overseen a dramatic deterioration in the security situation in the Sinai Peninsula. Salafist terrorists have launched a series of spectacular attacks on Egyptian security officers and Israelis in recent months. Analysts have called particular attention to the role of educated middle class Egyptian terrorists in the attacks, which some had sought to link to local Beduin.


CBS: Israel expands air assault on rockets in Gaza:

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip Israel expanded its fierce air assault on rocket operations in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, striking Hamas government and security compounds, smuggling tunnels and electricity sources after an unprecedented rocket attack aimed at the holy city of Jerusalem raised the stakes in its violent confrontation with Palestinian militants.

Israeli aircraft also kept pounding their initial targets, the militants’ weapons-storage facilities and underground rocket-launching sites. The Israeli military called up thousands of reservists and massed troops, tanks and armored vehicles along the border with Gaza, signaling a ground invasion of the densely populated seaside strip could be imminent.

Israel launched its military campaign Wednesday after days of heavy rocket fire from Gaza and has carried out some 700 airstrikes since, the military said. Militants, undaunted by the heavy damage the air attacks have inflicted, have unleashed some 500 rockets against the Jewish state, including new, longer-range weapons turned for the first time this week against Jerusalem and Israel’s Tel Aviv heartland.


Gateway Pundit: Anonymous Online Hacker Group Sides With Hamas – Takes Down 550 Israeli Websites

Doug Ross: GOOD NEWS: Hamas Now Using Toddlers’ Playgrounds as Cover for Rocket Attacks on Israel

The Objective Standard: Israel and the Front Line of Civilization

Linked by Doug Ross, thanks!

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