Rep. Trey Gowdy on Petraeus Testimony: “Once is Not Enough” – There Will Be More Open Hearings After New Congress Convenes (Video)

The fiery conservative congressman from SC,  Trey Gowdy was a guest on the Huckabee Show on Fox over the weekend, and he had some noteworthy things to say on the topic of discussion, BenghaziGate.

Gowdy expressed the now standard opinion that the Obama administration knew that the Benghazi attack was terrorism from the beginning, and pushed the YouTube story because the truth didn’t fit their preferred narrative that al Qaeda was “on its heels.” He promised that there would be open hearings as soon as the new Congress is convened, next year.

He addressed Obama directly in response to Huckabee’s question about the President’s “sanctimonious and  paternalistic”  hissy fit at the press conference, last week:

“Here’s the reality, Governor, neither Lindsey Graham nor John McCain told Susan Rice to go on national television and mislead the American people. We didn’t pick her – we didn’t scrub the talking points. He did. So if he’s disappointed in the way she’s being treated, here’s my suggestion to him – you come when she’s subpoenaed to Congress so we can ask you why you did it….”

And he had this to say about General Petraeus’s testimony:

“General Petraeus has come once –  he hasn’t come before the Oversight Committee, he hasn’t come before Judiciary, and he hasn’t come before other committees with jurisdiction. The notion that you can only come once during a closed door hearing with no cameras and the public not knowing what’s going on, and the rest of not being able to ask our questions, that’s not going to cut it. I appreciate the fact that he came particularly during a difficult week, but once is not enough in a four person murder investigation – he may find himself back on Capital Hill, I would support him coming before Oversight. Hillary Clinton is going to come. Susan Rice is going to come. This is a murder investigation. This is not Desperate Doctor’s Wives having Sex With Army Generals, although that’s what’s got most people interested in it. It’s a murder investigation – four of our citizens were murdered under horrific circumstances, and if it’s inconvenient for the Sec of State to come, that’s too bad, she’s going to come until I can answer your questions, and the people I work for’s questions.”

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