Obama White House Has Failed To Respond to at Least a Dozen Letters From Senators on Benghazi (Video)

Senator Lindsey Graham charged yesterday that the Obama Administration has refused to respond to at least a dozen letters from Congressional Republicans.

Bridget Johnson of PJ Tatler reported:

Graham sent Obama yet another letter asking for more details regarding what the president knew before, during, and after the terrorist attack on our diplomatic facility.

“While I am encouraged you may be finally ready to assist Congress in its investigations of the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, I remain concerned that over the past two months senators have written at least 13 letters requesting information from your Administration and they remain largely ignored. Few of these letters have been acknowledged; much less received a factual response to their queries,” Graham wrote.

The senator reminded Obama of another operation with ostensibly sensitive details that were readily made available.

This is especially egregious given the fact that Obama told White House reporters at the press conference on November 14, that  his Administration has provided all information regarding “what happened in Benghazi.”

“We have provided every bit of information that we have, and we will continue to provide information…,” the President told reporters, adding, “we will provide all the information that is available about what happened on that day…” and “I will put forward every bit of information that we have.”

In another example of “putting forward every bit of information that they have”, the Regime refused to release to CBS, photos taken of WH officials during 9/11 Benghazi attacks.

A White House official referred our request regarding the Benghazi attacks to the White House Photo Office. On Nov. 1, an official there indicated she would process our request quickly, but then did not respond further. Finally, this week, the White House Photo Office told CBS News it would not release any images without approval of Josh Earnest in the White House Press Office. Earnest did not respond to our telephone calls and emails.

Catherine Herridge reported on all the latest tweakings of the Regime’s story in this Fox News report, displaying an air of healthy skepticism about Clapper’s about-face (“yep, it was intel that done it”) and Susan Rice’s sudden return to the spotlight to say, “I was only reciting the talking points  intel gave me”,   and noting at the end, that “all this goes down during a holiday weekend when many Americans are not paying attention to the media.”

8 thoughts on “Obama White House Has Failed To Respond to at Least a Dozen Letters From Senators on Benghazi (Video)

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  3. Well it now appears we have almost come full circle, except when it comes to the truth that is.

    Rice has come out finally after eight weeks and proclaimed that she relied “solely and squarely” on the Intelligence Briefing when she made her appearances on those Sunday morning shows. So I guess, it’s now game on! Evidently cheobama really does intend to nominate her for Secretary of State or why else would she suddenly make a public statement on the issue? I guess they are going to rely on those evil white dudes to cave on their positions as they drop one race card after another on them.

    I said from the beginning as the video bs story started to unravel, that the fall guy was going to be that dope Clapper. Who has now stated that he made the changes to the CIA assessment before it hit the White House. Only problem for him is he testified that he “made no changes” to the assessment only the week before.

    So how long before the repubics fold their tent and give up on this one?


  4. The only thing any of this proves is just how stupid the government in general and this administration in specific thinks We, the People, really are.

    And We, the People, in general, and the LSM in specific, are proving them right.


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  6. I still have to say that all of this is barking up the wrong tree. What do you think they are covering up, a pre election attempt by the BO administration so that the idea that bin Laden’s death had to mean that terrorism was vanquished and they couldn’t let what happened in Bengjhazi ruin that notion? NO WAY. There is no doubt that such an extensive cover up is contrived to obscure something much more sinister. WHO SENT STEVENS TO BENGHAZI ON THAT PARTICULAR DAY AND FOR WHAT PURPOSE????? What took place at that meeting with the TURKISH AGENT????? Do you really think the whole thing could only be about an attempt to make terrorism look like it has been eliminated???? Well, I don’t. There is much more underlying this travesty and I don’t see anybody trying to get to the bottom of it. If it was only about the supposed demise if terrorism, who cares?? We all know that it is alive and well. Just look at Gaza, oh yeah the cease fire, well just wait a little and we will see how that turns out.


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