Jay Carney: “There Are No Unanswered Questions” about Rice’s Appearances on Sunday Shows (Video)

In today’s press briefing, White House press secretary Jay Carney had the audacity to tell reporters that “there are no unanswered questions” about Susan Rice’s appearances on the five Sunday talk shows on Sept 16. “Those questions have been answered,” he said. Deploying a signature Obama Regime tactic, Carney also suggested that reporters asking about Rice’s Sunday show appearances were more interested in “playing politics” than learning about “what happened in Benghazi,” because the motivations of the Regime’s critics, (or even those simply seeking answers) can never be anything but bad and must be firmly denounced by all right thinking people.

Video via Weasel Zippers:

Most of the questions may have been “answered” by the regime, but they’re bogus, unsatisfactory answers that are insulting to the intelligence the average yahoo who has spent more than two minutes studying the issue. But Carney is trying to shame the media into moving on rather than acting like those nasty, racist, sexist Republicans who insist on “politicizing” the issue.

It’ll probably work, too.

Fortunately, Republican lawmakers have not been cowed even though the Obamacrat media complex has thrown an entire deck of race cards at them.

Sen. Kelly Ayotte rattled off some of the questions Jay Carney says have been answered when she spoke to Megyn Kelly on America Live, Tuesday afternoon.

Why didn’t Susan Rice come forward sooner to admit she was wrong?

Why was the real cause of the attack (al Qaeda tied terrorism) omitted from the talking points?

Why did Rice say that al Qaeda was decimated?

Who changed the CIA talking points to omit the reference to Al Qaeda?

Why was the intelligence community so wrong in their talking points?

Why did she leave a misleading impression on the American people?

Watch the video, here.


4 thoughts on “Jay Carney: “There Are No Unanswered Questions” about Rice’s Appearances on Sunday Shows (Video)

  1. One of the real harms of the administration’s misdirecting the blame for the attack was that it lent legitimacy to the anti-YouTube video demonstrators. By responding to the demonstrations, rather than the terrorist attack, the administration basically told the demonstrators that they were justified.


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