Video: Lindsey Graham More Disturbed After Meeting With Ambassador Rice Than Before

UN Ambassador Susan Rice met with three Republican Senators on the Hill, today, in what has been described as “her final pitch for their support” if she is nominated to succeed Hillary Rodham Clinton as the next U.S. secretary of state, which is looking highly likely at this point..

Liberals were hoping that  Republicans would abandon their opposition to Susan Rice after meeting with her. But that does not appear to be the case.

Instead of smoothing things over, she seems to have fanned the flames.

In an astounding press conference, that just finished moments ago, Senators Graham, Ayotte and McCain expressed more skepticism and displeasure with Rice and the whole Benghazi saga than they had before.

I was genuinely surprised by their response. I had fully expected the Regime to have supplied Rice with a plausible story to placate these easily placated Senators.

Folks….there’s no plausible story and Republican lawmakers are not letting this go.

I’ll have a video up as soon as it appears on YouTube.


More from the press conference via Fox News Insider:

McCain said, “It is clear that the information that she gave the American people was incorrect when she said that it was a spontaneous demonstration triggered by a hateful video. It was not, and there was compelling evidence at the time that that was certainly not the case.”

Graham concurred, saying, “Bottom line, I am more disturbed now than I was before that the 16 September explanation about how four Americans died in Benghazi, Libya by Ambassador Rice, I think does not do justice to the reality at the time, and in hindsight clearly was completely wrong.”

They’ll have a video up soon.


Here’s Lindsey Graham’s appearance on Greta Van Susteren, last night, which I was just getting ready to put up when that news broke on Fox.

He told Greta that the more he knows about Benghazi, the more upset he is that the Consulate was even open on 9/11.


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10 thoughts on “Video: Lindsey Graham More Disturbed After Meeting With Ambassador Rice Than Before

  1. So, the Senators didn’t buy the line that the poor, underprivileged Stanford and Oxford grad was just mindlessly reading ridiculous talking points supplied by the evil white male James Clapper?


  2. Not too surprising. The key issue here is what was Stevens doing in Benghazi, the most insecure location in the world at that time on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11 and why was he meeting with a Turkish agent. The cover up is so vigorous and extreme, it hardly seems likely it was done just to minimize the fact that al quaida still has clout, a phantasy that the regime wants you to believe. But to cover up an alquaida attack by saying it was a ” hateful video ” is so out of proportion. Something sinister was afoot in Benghazi that night and the regime is knee deep in it, and that is what McCain et al should be investigating. No wonder they were bamboozled and disturbed by Rice’s pre arranged story as written for her by her masters, it is all diversion from the real story,


  3. There are several conspiracy theories out there, but Congressmen are generally allergic to investigating conspiracy theories. If they really are determined to get to the truth, however, they will go where the facts lead them.


  4. I’m a little surprised also that they didn’t cave after the meeting. I’m still keeping it on my Christmas list though. I just got this feeling it’s only a matter of time before they do on Rice. I kinda think they just want her out there right now, because they don’t have anyone else to take swings at. She is the administration’s pinata for the republicans right now. I’m sure they’d love to get her under oath before some committee and ask her and others some really tough questions.

    They need to convene hearings and quick and not on Rice but Benghazi.


  5. Yeah, um…The spontaneous demonstration narrative was not “the best information they had to date.” Rice was lying, there because she had seen the classified info that pointed to an al Qaeda related terrorist attack. There was never evidence of a demonstration because it never happened as Rice finally admitted, today. Do you enjoy being lied to? You read the Maddow blog (*giggle*) so I guess that answers that question.


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