Jay Carney: Obama “Not Particularly Concerned” Whether or not He or Susan Rice Misled The American People…(Video)


As Republicans try to get to the bottom of who provided the bogus talking points to UN Ambassador Susan Rice, the White House continues to dissimulate.

In a his snippy response to a question from Major Garrett on whether the Obama administration’s mishandling of Benghazi raises “core questions of basic competency,” press secretary Jay Carney claimed that Barack Obama “is not particularly concerned” about whether he or Susan Rice called the terrorists (whom he called “extremists”) “al Qaeda” or not, as if that was an answer to what the question was.

Via The Weekly Standard:

Hey Carney. Who told you and Rice to go out and tell the American people that the “best intelligence” showed that the attack was the result of a spontaneous protest over a YouTube video?

Why did you and Rice persist in disseminating the misleading information to the American people for many days after the truth was known?

Why didn’t Susan Rice come forward sooner to admit she was wrong?

Why was the real cause of the attack (al Qaeda tied terrorism) omitted from the talking points?

What was His Highness doing on the night of the attack? Did he watch any of it as it was being streamed live in the Situation Room, or would that have interfered too much with his beauty sleep?

Who told the hapless Rice that al Qaeda had been decimated?

As the President is considering her for his next Secretary of State, that last question should especially concern him — because she sounded pretty stupid out there when she said it.

One more question for reporters: Why do you guys allow Carney to brush you off like that? Why don’t you follow up by demanding the truth instead of feebly accepting the Regime’s standard B.S. day after day?

Yesterday, Carney tried to discourage BenghaziGate questions by telling reporters, “There Are No Unanswered Questions” about Rice’s Appearances on Sunday Shows.


Carney Slams GOP “Obsession” With Rice’s Sunday Show Comments On Benghazi…

JAY CARNEY (11/27/2012): As the president made clear, Ambassador Rice has no responsibility for collecting, analyzing and providing intelligence, nor does she have responsibility as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations for diplomatic security around the globe.

Then why was she chosen to be the face of the administration on the issue, that Sunday, when clearly, there were other officials in the Regime who could have provided more accurate information (if given leave to).

And do you know why Republicans are so “obsessed” with Rice’s comments? Because it was obvious  from day one that the ludicrous narrative she was peddling was meant to be a political cover story for the Regime. The question is, what were/are they covering up?


Obama Says He “Couldn’t Be Prouder” Of Susan Rice, Calls Her “Extraordinary”…

Of course he does.

Sen. Collins ‘troubled’ by Rice comments on Benghazi attack

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Speaker Boehner: ‘We’re Not Raising Rates’ (Video)

Former chairman of the National Republican Campaign Committee, Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla. has been quietly urging  colleagues Republicans to agree to raising taxes on the top 2 percent of earners.

The Blaze reported:

Cole called for Republicans to join with President Barack Obama for a quick deal before the year-end deadline that will automatically trigger higher taxes and abrupt spending cuts. Obama, who made letting the George W. Bush-era tax rates expire for the wealthiest Americans a hallmark of his re-election campaign, would essentially be handed a major victory if such a deal came to pass.

Boehner (R-Ohio) said Wednesday he wasn’t having it.

“I told Tom earlier in our conference meeting that I disagreed with him,” Boehner told reporters after a House GOP Conference meeting, The Hill reported. “He’s a wonderful friend of mine and a great supporter of mine. But raising taxes on the so-called top 2 percent – half of those people are small-business owners that pay their taxes through their personal income tax filing every year. The goal here is to grow the economy and to cut spending.”

He added, “We’re not going to grow the economy if we raise tax rates on the top two rates. It’ll hurt small businesses. It’ll hurt our economy. That’s why it’s not the right approach. We’ll willing to put revenue on the table as long as we’re not raising rates.”

At a press conference on the Hill, today, Boehner said that  it’s time for Democrats and the President to get serious about the country’s spending problem and he expressed his optimism that Democrats and Republicans will be able to work together on a solution to the crisis, “sooner rather than later.”


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Jay Carney: “There Are No Unanswered Questions” about Rice’s Appearances on Sunday Shows (Video)

In today’s press briefing, White House press secretary Jay Carney had the audacity to tell reporters that “there are no unanswered questions” about Susan Rice’s appearances on the five Sunday talk shows on Sept 16. “Those questions have been answered,” he said. Deploying a signature Obama Regime tactic, Carney also suggested that reporters asking about Rice’s Sunday show appearances were more interested in “playing politics” than learning about “what happened in Benghazi,” because the motivations of the Regime’s critics, (or even those simply seeking answers) can never be anything but bad and must be firmly denounced by all right thinking people.

Video via Weasel Zippers:

Most of the questions may have been “answered” by the regime, but they’re bogus, unsatisfactory answers that are insulting to the intelligence the average yahoo who has spent more than two minutes studying the issue. But Carney is trying to shame the media into moving on rather than acting like those nasty, racist, sexist Republicans who insist on “politicizing” the issue.

It’ll probably work, too.

Fortunately, Republican lawmakers have not been cowed even though the Obamacrat media complex has thrown an entire deck of race cards at them.

Sen. Kelly Ayotte rattled off some of the questions Jay Carney says have been answered when she spoke to Megyn Kelly on America Live, Tuesday afternoon.

Why didn’t Susan Rice come forward sooner to admit she was wrong?

Why was the real cause of the attack (al Qaeda tied terrorism) omitted from the talking points?

Why did Rice say that al Qaeda was decimated?

Who changed the CIA talking points to omit the reference to Al Qaeda?

Why was the intelligence community so wrong in their talking points?

Why did she leave a misleading impression on the American people?

Watch the video, here.

Lindsey Graham on Benghazi: “We will get to it like we got to the bottom of Iran-Contra” (Video)

“This is about four dead Americans, this is about a national security failure,” Graham said. “We will get to it like we got to the bottom of Iran-Contra.”

The comment came at the very end of Senator Graham’s remarks on ABC’s This Week with Steppie Stephanopoulos, Sunday:

Iran Contra, eh? Interesting.

Why do I think this is significant?

Let’s review what the Iran Contra scandal was about:

The scandal began as an operation to free seven American hostages being held by a group with Iranian ties connected to the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution. It was planned that Israel would ship weapons to Iran, and then the U.S. would resupply Israel and receive the Israeli payment. The Iranian recipients promised to do everything in their power to achieve the release of the U.S. hostages. The plan deteriorated into an arms-for-hostages scheme, in which members of the executive branch sold weapons to Iran in exchange for the release of the American hostages.[2][3] Large modifications to the plan were devised by Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North of the National Security Council in late 1985, in which a portion of the proceeds from the weapon sales was diverted to fund anti-Sandinista and anti-communist rebels, or Contras, in Nicaragua.[4][5]

Iran Contra was basically a gun running operation designed to free our hostages and support the Contras in Nicaragua.

Out of the several conspiracy theories that have been bandied about as to why the Regime so vigorously engaged in a web of lies, obfuscations, and cover-ups regarding Benghazi, the Libyan gun-running operation theory seems to be the most credible and convincing.

I see Graham’s mention of Iran Contra as a sign that Republican lawmakers may be looking into this:

  In March 2011, U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens became the official U.S. liaison to the Libyan opposition, who were believed to have links to al Qaeda.  Not long after Stevens’ appointment, the U.S. announced a program that sought to buy man-portable air-defense systems (MANPADS) that had gone missing in Libya.  Glen Doherty, one of the former Navy SEALs who was killed in the Benghazi terrorist attack, was working in Libya for the state department to find and destroy the MANPADS, capable of shooting down commercial airliners.  Meanwhile at the consulate, with Benghazi still flooded with weapons from the war, Ambassador Stevens and U.S. embassy staff were becoming increasingly concerned for their safety.  Security threats were on the rise in the months leading up to the attack on the consulate in Benghazi.  As noted earlier, Ambassador Stevens’ last meeting was with the Turkish consul general and at least one source has suggested the meeting was to negotiate a weapons transfer;  specifically, SA-7 MANPAD missiles from Libyan fighters.   Interestingly, a week prior to the attack, a Libyan ship docked in Turkey with a large amount of weapons, including SA-7 MANPADS, bound for Syria.

While the official reason given for Ambassador Stevens being in Benghazi on such an important anniversary is that he was to be present at the opening of a new English-language school, it seems he was there to do his job as a liaison for the Libyan rebels.  Considering the fact that the U.S. has armed Libya before, the secret order President Obama authored at the start of the new Libyan war may have included giving weapons to the Libyans once again.  However, as the weapons quickly ended up in the hands of al Qaeda, the United States would have been urgently seeking to recover them; not only due to the security concerns but the fact that terrorists were armed as a result.  When Syria went to war after Libya, the U.S. was in an opportune position to give the Libyan weapons to the new resistance in Syria.  Once again,however, al Qaeda and other terrorist groups were lying in wait to receive the spoils of the newest conflict in the region.  Considering Iran-Contra and Fast and Furious, a new scandal wherein the United States once again armed terrorists would certainly be one the current administration would seek to cover-up.

According to an intelligence source the place where the attack happened “is one of the largest, one of the most active CIA operation centers in North Africa”:

What was really happening, before Gaddafi’s body was even cold, is that we had people locating caches of weapons, separating the working from those that weren’t, and making a big show of destroying the weapons, but only the weapons that were useless. The working weapons were being given to Islamic terrorists. They were being funneled through Libya, crisscrossing Libya on a Muslim Brotherhood managed strategic supply route. In fact, Michael Reagan called it the modern day equivalent of the Ho Chi Minh Trail in a recent article he wrote, and he is correct.

The entire arms and weapons running operation was headquartered in Benghazi, The weapons were actually being shipped out of Libya from the port city of Dernah, located about a hundred miles east of Benghazi. That was the ‘choke point’ of the weapons being shipped out. Remember the Lusitania? Think in those terms, ships carrying weapons hid among ‘humanitarian aid.’ By the time of the attacks, an estimated 30-40 million pounds of arms were already transported out of Libya.

What if the terrorists had killed those four Americans in Libya with weapons  provided by the United States?

Video: Lindsey Graham More Disturbed After Meeting With Ambassador Rice Than Before

UN Ambassador Susan Rice met with three Republican Senators on the Hill, today, in what has been described as “her final pitch for their support” if she is nominated to succeed Hillary Rodham Clinton as the next U.S. secretary of state, which is looking highly likely at this point..

Liberals were hoping that  Republicans would abandon their opposition to Susan Rice after meeting with her. But that does not appear to be the case.

Instead of smoothing things over, she seems to have fanned the flames.

In an astounding press conference, that just finished moments ago, Senators Graham, Ayotte and McCain expressed more skepticism and displeasure with Rice and the whole Benghazi saga than they had before.

I was genuinely surprised by their response. I had fully expected the Regime to have supplied Rice with a plausible story to placate these easily placated Senators.

Folks….there’s no plausible story and Republican lawmakers are not letting this go.

I’ll have a video up as soon as it appears on YouTube.


More from the press conference via Fox News Insider:

McCain said, “It is clear that the information that she gave the American people was incorrect when she said that it was a spontaneous demonstration triggered by a hateful video. It was not, and there was compelling evidence at the time that that was certainly not the case.”

Graham concurred, saying, “Bottom line, I am more disturbed now than I was before that the 16 September explanation about how four Americans died in Benghazi, Libya by Ambassador Rice, I think does not do justice to the reality at the time, and in hindsight clearly was completely wrong.”

They’ll have a video up soon.


Here’s Lindsey Graham’s appearance on Greta Van Susteren, last night, which I was just getting ready to put up when that news broke on Fox.

He told Greta that the more he knows about Benghazi, the more upset he is that the Consulate was even open on 9/11.


Twitchy: Sens. Graham, Ayotte after Rice meeting: ‘Concerns even greater than we had before,’ Graham ‘disturbed’

Campaign Spot: Susan Rice’s Greatest Hits, Going Well Beyond Benghazi

Hot Air: GOP senators: We’re “more disturbed” after meeting with Amb. Rice than we were before

Ace of Spades HQ: Rice, Carney: Okay, There Was No Protest Before the Attack; So Let’s MoveOn.org

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Obama Silent In the Wake of Egyptian Prez Morsi’s Executive Power Grabs

On Fox News Sunday, Arizona Sen. John McCain  called on the President to renounce Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s move to seize full control of the country through executive fiat.

“First we must condemn it,” McCain, the ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, told “Fox News Sunday.” “Then we can outline what actions might be taken.”

Morsi announced the power grab Thursday, just one day after he helped broker a cease-fire agreement in Israel between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas in the Gaza strip.

“This kind of power is not acceptable to the United States,” McCain said. “Renounce the statement and the move that (Morsi) just made.”

Rather than condemn the move, the Regime on Friday meekly asked Egypt to adopt a constitution complete with checks and balances.

“We call for calm and encourage all parties to work together and call for all Egyptians to resolve their differences over these important issues peacefully and through democratic dialogue,” said State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland.


McCain is requesting a stronger response since “the United State has leverage” in any effort to persuade Morsi to back down because of the billions it gives Egypt in financial aid, as well as forgiving its debt.
Mohamed ElBaradei weighed in, as well:
“I am waiting to see, I hope soon, a very strong statement of condemnation by the U.S., by Europe and by everybody who really cares about human dignity,” declared Mohamed ElBaradei, who is one of Egypt’s more visible non-Islamist politicians.
So far, no word from the President, but the US Embassy Cairo continued to epically fail on Twitter, as captured by Twitchy:
The U.S. Embassy in Cairo appears to have been given the keys to its Twitter account back after being given a long time-out, and weighs in.
Riots  continue in Egypt this morning, and they have spread to the U.S. embassy in Cairo. As Twitchy reported, protests started against the Muslim Brotherhood and President Morsi after he granted himself dictatorial powers.

Wow. As Twitchy reported yesterday, the U.S. Embassy in Cairo somehow managed to get the keys to its Twitter account back, after being thrown under the bus for its disgraceful apologism on September 11. Yesterday, the embassy tweeted, during protests and riots in Egypt that had spread to the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, that the revolution was a “positive step.” Today, the embassy is continuing its pattern of being a textbook example of what not to do. After announcing it was glad that Mubarak is gone, the embassy doubled down on the idiocy.

Perhaps the embassy should read this piece by Commentary magazine.

The full implications of Morsi’s ascendency are not yet apparent. But we can draw a few rather obvious conclusions from these events. The first is this makes the region a much more dangerous place and peace even more unlikely. the second is that the much ballyhooed Arab Spring turned out to be an Islamist triumph, not an opening for democracy. And third, and perhaps most disconcerting for Americans, it looks like the Obama administration has shown itself again to be a band of hopeless amateurs when it comes to the Middle East. While President Obama shouldn’t be blamed for toppling Mubarak, this episode is more proof of the gap between his foreign policy instincts and a rational defense of American interests.

As you can imagine, the media has been all over this story…….(Just kidding…)

Newsbusters reports: IBD and WSJ Editorials Make Morsi Power Grab-U.S. Praise Linkage the Rest of the Press Won’t:

As a Friday IBD editorialpointed out, Morsi is now “using America’s stamp of approval to oppress his own people” (bolds are mine throughout this post):Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/tom-blumer/2012/11/26/ibd-and-wsj-editorials-make-morsi-power-grab-us-praise-linkage-rest-pres#ixzz2DMI1O0we

Obama Won’t Fight Morsi ‘Coup’ In Egypt

Cairo’s streets are filled with demonstrations against Egypt’s president. It sounds awfully familiar, but since the grievances are against an Islamist this time around, don’t expect “the people” to enjoy U.S. support.

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, who came to power as leader of the “civilizational jihadist” Muslim Brotherhood, is besieged with protests from his people after giving himself Pharaoh-like powers that include a ban on challenges to his decrees and the weakening of Egypt’s judiciary.

… Gee, isn’t Morsi a man of the people, personifying the “new beginning” of President Obama’s 2009 Cairo University “apology to Muslims” speech? And didn’t Morsi, just a day before his power grab, become the Peacemaker of Palestine by joining with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in forging an Israeli-Hamas cease-fire?

Morsi has become just as tyrannical as his predecessor, Hosni Mubarak — except Mubarak was a staunch U.S. ally who maintained peace with Israelis and kept the Mideast powder keg stable for decades, while Morsi so reviles the Jewish homeland he won’t let the word “Israel” pass his lips.

… don’t expect White House press secretary Jay Carney to announce that the Egyptian people’s “grievances have reached a boiling point, and they have to be addressed,” as his predecessor Robert Gibbs did when Mubarak was on the ropes.

And don’t hold your breath for Clinton — or whoever her successor is at the State Department — to call for “an orderly, peaceful transition to real democracy.

It took 24 hours for Morsi to take advantage of the prestige Obama and his secretary of state handed him. Now he’s using America’s stamp of approval to oppress his own people.

Today marks the fifth day since Morsi’s dictatorial power grab.

Seton Motley of the Daily Caller thinks he may have identified the reason for the Regime’s weak response, thus far:

Don’t Forget Obama’s Imperial Fiats

President Morsi has been busy.

(Muslim Brotherhood) Egypt President (Mohamed) Morsi Grants Himself Far-Reaching PowersEgypt’s president on Thursday issued constitutional amendments that placed him above judicial oversight….

Morsi also decreed immunity for the Islamist-dominated panel drafting a new constitution from any possible court decisions to dissolve it, a threat that had been hanging over the controversial assembly….

Sound familiar?

  • Obama Executive Privilege Claim ‘Like Setting Off A Nuclear Bomb’

  • President Barack Obama…blocked a House Republican subpoena of Justice Department deliberations over a botched gun trafficking investigation and set up a potentially explosive political confrontation just as the presidential election heats up.

  • House Finds Atty. Gen. Eric Holder in Contempt of Congress

  • The votes approved in the Republican-controlled House covered two contempt of Congress citations — one as a criminal matter referring the issue to the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington for prosecution, the other authorizing the House to hire a special attorney to bring a civil lawsuit.

Ramifications?  Nah.

Eric Holder To Stay In Obama Administration Beyond First Term

The parallels between Presidents Morsi and Obama grow.

  • With two branches of power (Executive and Legislative) in his hands, Morsi has had repeated frictions with the third, the Judiciary, over recent months.

And our Pharaoh Obama?

Network Neutrality never passed Congress – the President just imposed it, in December 2010.  Ditto the Administration’s power grab of wireless cellular phone networks.

The Administration is being sued on both of these.  Having – like Morsi – usurped Legislative Branch powers, it is left to the Judiciary to restore legal order.

Etc. Read on as Motley expounds on the disturbing similarities of the two leaders.

Jay Carney is expected to face media questions about the administration’s response at today’s press briefing at 2:15 Eastern.
Carney did not take the opportunity to make a major pronouncement about Morsi’s power grab.
He said something about Obama being “engaged with Egypt substantially”, but it’s a “process”.
He said Obama has not spoken with Morsi  since the cease fire.
Most of the briefing has been about budget negotiations.
Keith Koffler of White House Dossier was there for the briefing.

Carney: Egypt Having “Internal Deliberations”

by Keith Koffler on November 26, 2012, 5:41 pm

The White House today continued to soft-pedal its reaction to the power grab by Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, failing to publicly pressure the Islamist leader to back off from a move toward one-Party rule long feared by those who question to Muslim Brotherhood’s commitment to democracy.

“There’s a process underway in Egypt,” Carney blandly told reporters today.