Saturday Movie matinee: High on a Mountaintop

Via iOWNTHEWORLD: High On a Mountaintop, Tribute to the Heroes of Benghazi by Chris Cassone:

The protest song of the year:

Tribute to the heroes of the Benghazi attack on our embassy: Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith and Ambassador Chris Stevens…and a rebuke of the treason that let them die. All proceeds (that’s ALL…except the Bandcamp 15%) will go to the SEAL NSW Family Foundation.
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Bill Whittle’s Advice to Conservatives

Bill Whittle; conservatives need to stand up and proudly proclaim their conservativeness. Unabashedly affirm capitalism & conservatism is the only solution. Don’t shy away from being proud of earning money, being successful. Also, aggressively defend all American citizens, servicemen, American installations around the world.

ET Williams, Whatever Happened to Common Sense? Revealing Obama’s Racist Supporters:

Via The American Thinker: A Tribute to Communism:

After many disturbing attempts in history, it seems the ideology of communism still has legions of fans and supporters.
Warning: Graphic images.

#My2K: President Obama Taxing The Rich Won’t Work:

PJTV: Rotten Tomatoes Weekend Roundup, Thanksgiving Edition: What Movies Stink and What Movies Soar?

Sandra Fluke Person of the Year?!

And now for some culture, people:

Mr. Darcy’s Proposal – Pride and Prejudice (BBC, 1995)


Lyrics to High on a Mountaintop:

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