Meet Obamadon, the Ancient Extinct Lizard Named After a Reptilian President


US News reports that a newly discovered lizard that went extinct during prehistoric times has been named after the president. Its diet consisted of insects, plant matter, and small dogs.

A new study by Yale researcher Nicholas Longrich published Monday has found that 85 percent of lizard and snake species, long thought to have survived an asteroid blast that wiped out dinosaurs some 65 million years ago, went extinct at the same time. Among the casualties was a foot-long lizard that lived in Montana, that Longrich has named “The Obamadon.”

“The Obamadon was probably a foot long, with these tall, slender teeth it used to eat insects and plant matter,” he says. The Obamadon died out after the Chicxulub asteroid impact, along with many of the larger lizards and snakes still alive at the time.

Obama also has the honor of having a fungus named after him,  (the Caloplaca obamae) and a fish (the Etheostoma obama) named after him.

By the way,  when I call Obama “reptilian”, I of course mean cold blooded and treacherous.

See, there’s a whole moonbat movement out there that believes a “reptilian” race lives among us, and many famous persons (usually Republicans) – including George W. Bush – have been identified as members of this alien race.

Only a  true internet geek would know that little factoid, I’m embarrassed to admit. Anyway, savor the irony.

Linked by Doug Ross, thanks!


WHD: Extinct Lizard Named for Obama:

Complete with video of the modern Obama hunting and killing an insect.

Hat tip: Brian B.


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