Obama State Dept to Parents of Marine Jailed in Mexico: “Sorry, We Can’t Do Anything to Help” (Video)


John Hammar, like Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens – not a priority to our State Dept.

The parents of Jon Hammar, the former Iraq and Afghanistan War Vet who is being held in Mexico on gun charges, were on with Bill O’Reilly, Tuesday night to discuss his plight.. The parents told O’Reilly that the State Department had told them”over and over”  that “they can’t do anything” to help them.

As I reported on Monday,  the 27 year old Hammar has been languishing in a Mexican prison cell in Matamoros since August, confined to solitary confinement and now is chained to his bed as our nation’s leaders do nothing to help him.

Bill O’Reilly has been on the case for weeks, determined to move authorities to act on his behalf. He was shocked when Mr. and Mrs. Hammar told him that they had been in contact with the State Dept. and had been told repeatedly that they couldn’t help them.

“Is that right?! O’Reilly exclaimed, “they said they can’t do anything?! Oh that’s a bunch of bull, he added, certainly they can do something! Certainly Obama can do something!”

Hills might want to get on this, ASAP, now that the cat is out of the bag. If this soldier Marine! ends up dying in a Mexican prison because once again,  her department failed to act – all the stomach viruses and fainting spells in the world won’t be enough to save her legacy.

Via Katie Pavlich of Townhall,  Greta Van Susteren makes an excellent point:

Last night Greta Van Susteren made the point that governments fight to get their people out of foreign countries all the time, pointing out the Lockerbie bomber’s release back to Libya after killing hundreds but in this case, the U.S. government has done very little to help.

What you can do to help:

Please sign the White House petition to exert pressure on the Obama administration to demand that Mexico Authorities release Hammar immediately.

Total number of signatures on this petition as of Tuesday night, 10:06 pm is 21,650 and counting. 25,000 signatures are needed by January 06, 2013 for the request to be taken up by Obama. Help bring Jon Hammar home.

God willing, this Marine could be home in time for Christmas.


Jon Hammar’s mother told  KFI’s  John and Ken Show (LA) that he may be released from a Mexican jail later this week – possibly Friday.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit

7 thoughts on “Obama State Dept to Parents of Marine Jailed in Mexico: “Sorry, We Can’t Do Anything to Help” (Video)

  1. When has the state department or this administration done anything to help American over the last four years, unless of course, one wants to consider the help both have given to the muslim brotherhood and terrorists in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Nigeria, and now Syria..


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