Irony Alert: Super-Sized Anti-Gun Zealot, Michael Moore’s Bodyguard Arrested on Gun Charges

As you may know, the virulently anti-gun (for you)  Michael Moore, like most Democrats, has been ghoulishly “not letting a crisis go to waste”  since the Sandyhook school shooting, last week.
Here are just a few headlines from the past week courtesy of the indispensable Weasel Zippers:

Oh my – the schadenfreude is just too delicious, here:

Filmmaker Michael Moore’s  bodyguard was arrested for carrying an unlicensed weapon in New York’s JFK airport Wednesday night.

Police took Patrick Burke, who says Moore employs him, into custody after he declared he was carrying a firearm at a ticket counter. Burke is licensed to carry a firearm in Florida and California, but not in New York.

See, Moore believes in 2nd Amendment rights for his well-heeled self, but in typical totalitarian-embracing left-wing fashion, he just doesn’t believe in 2nd Amendment rights for the less well off or less politically connected.

For more on Moore’s famous hypocrisy, see Jeff Kuhner of the Washington Times: The hypocrisy of Michael Moore from 2/11:
Michael Moore is a hypocrite. He embodies all that is wrong with Hollywood: He is a shameless, self-serving propagandist masquerading as an idealistic “artist.”

This week the famous left-wing movie director filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against the producers of his 2004 anti-war, anti-Bush film, “Fahrenheit 9/11.” The reason: Mr. Moore is demanding $2.7 million in unpaid profits that he says are owed to him. He has already pocketed nearly $20 million in profits from the blockbuster documentary. In other words, he has reaped a huge financial windfall. But this is not enough for him.

Mr. Moore has built an entire career – a vast personal industry – upon denouncing capitalism, the profit motive and “greedy” corporations. He is exhibiting the very behavior he claims to abhor. His lawsuit reveals that, despite his public image as a champion of the working class and the common man, he is a cynical, money-grubbing charlatan who worships the almighty buck. Rather than being a principled progressive, he is simply another crony capitalist on the make.

Mr. Moore is a jet-setting multimillionaire living a life of luxury, leisure and fame. He travels in a private plane and a fleet of SUVs. He is completely detached from the workers he claims to defend. In fact, he has misrepresented almost every facet of himself in order to forge a false “little guy” persona. As Peter Schweizer convincingly documents in his superb book, “Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy” (Broadway Books, 2005), Mr. Moore is a fraud.


He is the booming voice of the Occupy protests, encouraging activists to continue their battle against the wealthy one per cent of Americans.

But it seems left-wing documentary maker Michael Moore has been uncharacteristically quiet about one thing: his own wealth.

While Moore has denied he is among the top-earners in the country, tax records show he owns an extensive property in one of the country’s most elite communities.

Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart posted the details Thursday, detailing Moore’s large holiday home on Torch Lake, Michigan.

The documentary film maker owns the luxurious lakeside escape in addition to his pricey Manhattan residence.

The spacious 10,000 sq ft property is a far cry from the scene of tightly-packed tents near Wall Street in New York City.

The sprawling timber property has large bay windows, a number of small turrets, a private drive and decking that leads right to the water’s edge.

What a gigantic humbug.
An alert reader, Adam informed me in the comments that this story is from 2005, and indeed it is  – not that it takes away from Moore’s assploding hypocrisy on the issue. He has  continued to use a bodyguard as noted by Katie Pavlich at Hot Air:

UPDATE: Here is a more recent video of Michael Moore and his gun hypocrisy from 2008. Moore explains that he owns a gun because he opened a bank account and in return received a free gun. He then proceeds to say he wants to raffle it off for a good cause. Why? He doesn’t need it because he has security. He had it then and he has it now.

“I don’t think that uh…I have enough security that I don’t really need to worry about that.”


And the hits keep on comin’:

Weasel Zippers: Bloated Lib Michael Moore: Americans Own Guns Because Of Racist Fears…

MICHAEL MOORE: I think we’re a very frightened people. I think we’ve been frightened ever since we landed on these shores. We were frightened of the native people.; we were frightened of the slaves we brought over, as we should have been. And those in power have known how to manipulate us with fear. And we’ve started wars over being told lies about, you know — whether it was in the Spanish-American War, the Mexican-American War.

Dude – not “we” —YOU. You’re the one with the armed  bodyguard.


20 thoughts on “Irony Alert: Super-Sized Anti-Gun Zealot, Michael Moore’s Bodyguard Arrested on Gun Charges

  1. Oh…the irony. Big Fat Eff’n Slob’s gunman caught with an illegal weapon. Oh my!!!! That fat pos thinks he deserves an armed guard…but we can’t defend ourselves? You get rid of your security first, fatboy.


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  5. I really don’t see what his weight has to do with anything. I mean really, are those titles even necessary? I’m sorry if my comments here seem out of line but that just seems ridiculous. There is news and then there is sensationalism. Here we have news wrapped up in sensationalism. Here’s the real story under a ridiculous headline to catch your eye. I mean, I know the headline is supposed to catch the eye and a good one will, but these are really all just for the wrong reason. Then again, these are blog posts and not official sources so I reckon they can title them as they want. Still, it is pretty funny that his body guard was packing.


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  7. I don’t care for Moore any more then anyone else….but the bodyguard story is from 2005. Not recently….not that the timing makes the hipocrisy any better.


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  9. I wonder if he’s including the war started by Clinton in an effort to distract people from the coming vote on impeachment?

    Nah. Clinton was a reasonably good little socialist, so his war didn’t count. And ‘Nam turned out to be Nixon’s and the Republicans, although Nixon ended it and it was heated into a real conflict by Kennedy/Johnson.

    And Korea? Truman. WWII? Roosevelt. WWI? Wilson.

    Seems to be a pattern developing here! Why have all the wars been started by Democrats? Hmmmm, I wonder if it has anything to do with that “fear” Moore mentions, and working the proletariat, and probably even projection by the Dems? I wonder…

    Yes, the Dems are definitely the “party of the people,” the way they keep us engaged in world affairs, and keep such large segments of us in fear – fear of each other, fear of getting cut off from the (unconstitutional) goodies they hand out, fear of anyone who doesn’t look like us, fear of almost anything including being responsible for ourselves…


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  12. If you’re going to be patting yourselves on the back for “exposing” the hypocrisy of Michael Moore, the least you can do is be honest about it — the gun article is 8 YEARS OLD! Michael Moore was not the one arrested and was not with his bodyguard at the time either. Shame on you!


  13. Michael Moore was not the one arrested and was not with his bodyguard at the time either.
    Never claimed he was, nor is it relevant to the point.

    the gun article is 8 YEARS OLD!
    As noted in the update.
    Sometimes it helps to read the whole post before you comment.


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