Video: A Birth in Bethlehem

Sung by Emma Christian on The O’Reilly Consort’s Celtic Christmas CD, (my very favorite Christmas CD): Oikan Ayns Bethlehem is literally translated to “An Infant in Bethlehem” – also known as “The Babe in Bethlehem”,  and is sung in Manx, the language of the Isle of Man.

The mind of God is made clear to us – an infant in Bethlehem….


Now ought we this festival
To keep with pure hearts
In memory of Jesus Christ
An infant in Bethlehem

He left the bright Courts of His Father
Taking on our human form
Born of the pure Virgin
An infant in Bethlehem

Then the angels of Heaven rejoiced
And came to us with the tidings
Telling of the Saviour born today
An infant in Bethlehem

How great the humility and the love
Which was in Jesus Christ the Lamb
When He took the form of His Servant
An infant in Bethlehem

Great glory to God in the highest
Who rules in eternal happiness
The mind of God is now made clear to us
An infant in Bethlehem


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