Saturday Movie Matinee: Cliff Notes

Michelle Malkin on the Fiscal Cliff-Hanger and Hobby Lobby:

On Fox & Friends Weekend, 12-29, Michelle Malkin agreed with Charles Krauthammer’s assertion that Obama had succeeded in driving a wedge between House Republican conservatives and capitulators, and noted that he is now trying to drive a wedge between the same camps in the Senate. And like most conservatives, she believes Republicans will cave and and the spending issue will be put off again for another day.

She also said that conservatives should make an effort to support embattled Hobby Lobby since they are on the front lines fighting against the HHS mandate.

Charles Krauthammer: “Obama Does NOT Care About The Debt”:

Wherein Krauthammer said Obama is skillfully and ruthlessly using the fiscal cliff issue to create an internal civil war:


Byron York, Washington Examiner: How the fiscal cliff fight will end (unhappily for Republicans):

The word among some Senate Republicans is that a fiscal cliff deal is likely to be struck by Sunday, or Monday at the latest.  (And Monday, being December 31st, is in fact the latest a deal could be struck to avoid January 1 tax increases.)  Those Senate Republicans hope the final deal will make permanent current tax levels — Bush tax cut levels — for everyone who makes below $500,000.

The $500,000 figure is not set in stone.  It could be $400,000, as President Obama is reportedly willing to agree to, or it could be higher, as some Senate Democrats have suggested in the past.  But it will be more than the $250,000 that is the president’s current position.  In addition, big spending cuts, the sequestration cuts scheduled to go into effect in the new year, would not be affected and would go forward as planned.

Benghazi Gate – No Repercussions?:

Greg Gutfeld notes that the reason the regime gets away with this stuff is because the media allows them to.

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters agrees, saying, (when media says) “ho hum – there’s a lost kitten in Peoria we need to go cover that – there’s something fundamentally wrong.”

Ted Nugent to Piers Morgan – Kiss My Ass!!:

This interview happened over a week ago, but if you missed it, it’s worth watching – Nuge was huge:

Lee Doren, 500 Murders in Chicago this Year!!!

PJTV TRIFECTA Was 2012 the Best Year Ever!:

Bill Whittle answers questions as Virtual President:

And finally I feel I must offer a rebuttal to this outrageous comment some vulgarian left on Twitter last night:

Les Misérables – Featurette: “Hugh Jackman is Jean Valjean”:

‘Nuff said.

Go see it.



9 thoughts on “Saturday Movie Matinee: Cliff Notes

  1. “Nuff, said. Go See it” – Deb

    ?Oh really? I thinks we have a “originally installed equipment” difference here. I’m going with the Tweet, [in theory at least] but don’t look for me in line for it anytime soon. juss sayin’ [in a baritone voice, of course]


  2. Moi? I could compile a extensive list of people [including the better half] who’d love to get a glimpse of that.

    [Testimonials available upon request]


  3. No, actually I was referring to my “sensitive side”, that people could atest doesn’t exist. The trailer you provided was more than I could take. I love music, all kinds of music, I’m not a big fan of movies, but music and movies [musicals] should never go together.
    Poor Mr Nice Deb, I guess it’s safe to guess he has his Sunday already planned for him, eh?


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