Judge Jeanine Pirro: Obama Doubled Down on the YouTube Video Lie (Video)

In case you missed Justice with Jeanine over the weekend. Her weekend  show on Fox is essential viewing for anyone who’s interested in getting to the bottom of Benghazigate.

And mincing no words, she charged that on Meet the Press, yesterday, Obama doubled down on the lie perpetuated by UN Ambassador, Susan Rice. After a review of the regime’s disinformation campaign about the attack, Pirro had Republican Congressman,  Jason  Chaffetz (UT) on as a guest to address, among other things, the fact that no one at the State Dept (including Hillary) has been held accountable:

Video via Massteaparty

What about those State Dept officials who the President said were held accountable, yet are still on the payroll? Pirro had on Fox News Military Analyst, Col. Hunt and former State Dept Senior Advisor, Christian Whiton to discuss this outrageous state of affairs.

Let me ask you this, have you ever heard of anything like this, before, where  –  the President goes on television as says, “they have been held accountable” –  PAST TENSE – meanwhile, the only person in jail is the person who made the video…What’s going on at the State Dept?

Video via Massteaparty


5 thoughts on “Judge Jeanine Pirro: Obama Doubled Down on the YouTube Video Lie (Video)

  1. Lest we not forget the other little tidbit that came out of that Meet the Press interview from Commander in Chief Gutsy:

    “There was a little sloppiness in State Department Security” – Obozo

    A little sloppiness, when four Americans are murdered, including his personal representative the Ambassador. Two Navy SEALs who rescued dozens and fought off hundreds waiting for the Calvary to come, but never showed up. libs are so courageous when it’s somebody else that has their orbs on the line. Kinda like a few “bumps in the road”. How inconvenient can it get?


  2. Where is OBAMA’S TIMELINE FOR 911 & the following day and EXACT PHRASING of whatever “orders” he gave??

    We need his testimony – under oath – too!


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