Pelosi’s Fake But Accurate Photo of Female House Dems Pretty Squirrelly

Nancy Pelosi’s photo of House female Dems, taken yesterday,  created a minor stir, this morning when it was discovered that the photo,  meant to illustrate the diversely diverse diversity of the Democratic Party had been doctored:

See, the four women in the top row weren’t actually present when the group photo was taken; they arrived late to the party (you can view an original version of the photo here) and were added via Photoshop.

Hilarity ensued on Twitter, reaching its zenith with a photoshop that included, Darth Vader, Waldo, Gollem, and Santa Claus. ( Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-CT., seen in the last row, far left was not photoshopped.)

I took the liberty of adding one more thing to the mix. See if you can spot it.



2 thoughts on “Pelosi’s Fake But Accurate Photo of Female House Dems Pretty Squirrelly

  1. Nazi looks like she has donned a pants suit something like what my mother would have worn. But my mother died in 1979. Wonder if that’s a comment on how fast Nazi’s brain works to keep up? Or maybe she believes those were the halcyon days of socialist activism in this country and can’t let go?

    At any rate, any pic, photoshopped or not, with the combined brainpower shown here, demonstrates why there’s a fairly popular game show on TV about 5th graders and intelligence and hosted by an outrageous comic.

    Finally, Santa, with his fake beard, fits right in with all these folk who have a fake belief in their own importance…


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