Video: Sandy Victim Unloads on FEMA and “Do Nothing” Obama: “He’s a Phoney and Straight-Out Liar”

Hurricane Sandy victim, Scott McGrath of Staten Island, gave his opinion of FEMA and the Obama administration’s handling of the hurricane relief effort on Neil Cavuto, Friday.

He called Obama a phoney and straight out liar.

“He said to me face to face that he’s going to cut the red tape. We’re two months out — no red tapes been cut. He told me things were going to be taken care of. FEMA has to listen to him…”

He also railed against the extension of unemployment benefits:

“There’s jobs out there. People need to get off their rear ends and find a job and stop taking free hand-outs….I’m tired of people collecting, collecting, collecting and getting rewarded – they’re sending a bad message to the kids of the future – they’re telling them, ‘do not work’, you’re better off.”


Twitchy: Boom! Hurricane Sandy victim rips do-nothing Obama on ‘Cavuto’


2 thoughts on “Video: Sandy Victim Unloads on FEMA and “Do Nothing” Obama: “He’s a Phoney and Straight-Out Liar”

  1. This incident and subject is the perfect area to demonstrate the differences in accountability of individuals both individual and professional when it comes to overall responsibility of their actions or inaction’s during a national emergency.

    George W. Bush was pummeled for years over the “perceived” inaction of his administration when it came to Hurricane Katrina despite everything that was done in preparation for it. The only thing that flowed faster than the water from Lake Pontchartrain to New Orleans, was the taxpayer money that was handed out and promised. It was immediate and practically held no strings attached to it, let alone any accountability. Because of “internal” fighting between the Mayor and the Governor, nothing was accomplished prior to the storm hitting despite having numerous days of warning and alarms for proper preparation and evacuation. The local and state governments were not prepared and often gave erroneous information to their citizens but before and after the storm. Which caused the loss of many lives.

    So one would think that there would be “lessons learned” from it, no? Don’t count on it.

    Here we are after the storm of the century hitting the northeast coast, much like what happened in New Orleans, Mississippi and Alabama. The collateral damages to both areas were significant and wide spread, but the differences in the responses is amazing. President Obozo managed a “touch and go” appearance in New Jersey with Governor Crisco for some campaign photo ops, made some pledges, passed out a few hugs and promised tons of immediate help to the affected residents who were used as props for the White House and the campaign. Interestingly enough the self absorbed, pathetic POS Mayor over in NYC, Mayor BloomTurd told the White House and the President thanks, but no thanks we don’t need any photo ops over here. That is probably the smartest decision he ever made in his entire 10+ years in office. In fact I’ll give it to him, as the smartest he has ever made.

    Some nine weeks later, residents are still without any major relief towards getting their lives back together, in fact most are living under conditions that are sub human. The difference between this incident and New Orleans mostly the social/economic but the race factor is a major contributor. The Insurance industry has estimated that the total cost of the damage is around $20 Billion dollars. The Governor’s of New York and New Jersey has managed to put a “wish list of the century” and requested Federal Aid in the amount of $80 Billion dollars. Hmmm $20 Billion vs $80 Billion. The House passed a Aid Package weeks ago and sent it onto the Senate for action. The Senate has sat on the Bill for weeks, I guess just to make sure it got loaded up with all the pet projects that aren’t going into “budgets” the last four years. Then just to make sure they continue to treat the House as the “ugly step child”, that they are, returned their pork laden Bill at the same time as the “Fiscal Cliff” deal that was struck. Right before the end of the 112th Congress of course, with the count down clock ticking toward the end.

    So what would a Republican House do, lead by the Weeper of the House Boner? Once again prove that there isn’t anything that they can’t and will screw up. . . . . .that’s what. Without even notifying their own caucus, he pulled the Bill from the floor without a vote, because it was loaded with pork. Don’t get me wrong here, I agree in principle that it should’ve been pulled, but don’t you think that “at the very least” you’d inform your own caucus that your doing it and why? Maybe? After sending Rep Peter King into orbit, where he railed against his own leadership, they finally realized that once again managed to step on their very own carrot . . . . . . . AGAIN!

    Bush will be forever haunted [wrongly in my opinion] for Katrina, Michael Brown got fired [for what I never know], Downtown Ray Nagan got re-elected for doing everything wrong, Obozo got re-elected thanks to his new bud Governor Crisco, the current FEMA Director still has his job, And this poor bastard makes a appearance on Cavuto every couple of weeks to say: “hey remember us”?

    One thing you can say about them, they are consistent! In the mean time residents of the northeast continue to live without the most basic human needs, like heat and hot water, but most of all any kind of emergency assistance. Don’t worry, “Your in Good Hands”, I guess.


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