Monday Morning Catch-Up: In Your Face- Obama Taps Hagel for Pentagon, Brennan for CIA


ABC News: Obama Taps Hagel for Pentagon, Brennan for CIA:

President Barack Obama on Monday will nominate Chuck Hagel as his next defense secretary and counterterrorism adviser John Brennan to lead the Central Intelligence Agency, two potentially controversial picks for his second-term national security team.

Hagel, even before being nominated, has faced tough criticism from congressional Republicans who say the former GOP senator is anti-Israel and soft on Iran. And Brennan, a 25-year CIA veteran, withdrew from consideration for the spy agency’s top job in 2008 amid questions about his connection to harsh interrogation techniques used during the George W. Bush administration.

The White House said Obama will announce both nominations Monday afternoon. Along with secretary of state nominee Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., Hagel and Brennan would play key roles implementing and shaping Obama’s national security priorities in a second term. All three men must be confirmed by the Senate.

Weasel Zippers: Graham: Hagel Is “In Your Face” Selection:

Via The Hill:

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Sunday expressed dismay at reports President Obama would tap former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) for Secretary of Defense, calling it an “in your face” selection.

“I like Chuck Hagel. He served with distinction in Vietnam as an enlisted man — two Purple Hearts. But quite frankly Chuck Hagel is out of the mainstream of thinking on most issues regarding foreign policy,” said Graham in an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“He has long severed his ties with the Republican party. This is an in your face nomination of the president to all of us who are supportive of Israel,” he added. “I don’t know what his management experience is in regards to the Pentagon or global if anyway, so I think it’s an extremely controversial choice.”

Weasel Zippers: Guess Who Loves The Likely Selection Of Hagel…

Via Washington Free Beacon:

Iran’s state-run Press TV praised President Barack Obama for his likely selection of the “anti-Israel” former Nebraska Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel to head the Defense Department, according to a report published Saturday.

“All signs indicate that U.S. President Barack Obama is poised to nominate anti-Israel ex-Senator Chuck Hagel as the next defense secretary soon,” reported Press TV, a news outlet that is controlled by the Iranian regime.

Quin Hillyer: Obama the Anti-Semite?

Chuck Hagel is a despicable choice for the Pentagon post. Barack Obama is despicable for having made such a choice.

Does that prove that Obama himself is anti-Zionist or, worse, anti-Semitic? No. (Yes it does – Ed.)

But, combined with Obama’s long record, it certainly makes it legitimate to raise the question.

Ben Stein, the American Spectator: Dropping the Hagel Bomb:

You really cannot, in fairness, blame President Obama for naming “Chuck” Hagel, one of the most clearly anti-Israel, anti-Semitic members of the Senate (or ex-members in his case) to be Secretary of Defense. President Obama has not changed his views on Israel since his first speech at the Democrat convention in 2004, when he made it clear that his sympathies in the Middle East lay with the Palestinians. In a way, you have to admire his consistency. Of course, he has to pay lip service to Israel when he visits Miami Beach, but how he must laugh at the audiences that applaud him.

Michelle Malkin: Obama’s CAIR-kowtowing, soft-on-jihad CIA Director nominee:

Brennan currently serves as national security/chief counterterrorism advisor. He has made several appearances on this blog over the years — none of them reassuring. He has downplayed Gitmo recidivism…

Brennan has also echoed Obama’s bleeding-heart rhetoric about murderous jihadists, whom he characterized as “victimized” by social and political forces. He reportedly bungled the Christmas Day underwear bomber case, kept the Director of National Intelligence in the dark about key counterterror arrests in London, and blew smoke about the bin Laden raid.

Oh, and here’s a handy flashback of his CAIR-pandering in 2010 to the infamous flying imams. CAIR, by the way, has been busy pressuring journalists to stop using the word “Islamist.” Wouldn’t be surprised to see this whitewashing administration agree, would you?

Maggie’s Notebook: John Brennan to Replace Petraeus: Stopped the Capture of bin Laden in 1998? Said Jihad is Holy Struggle – Ignored Christmas Day Bomber:

The news is breaking this minute that John Brennan, Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, will be named to replace General David Petraeus as head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Remember January 2010 when the astonishing news of the deaths of seven CIA agents posted out of Forward Base Chapman, killed by a (U.S. recruited informer) suicide bomber in a tent in Afghanistan at the now disbanded Alec Station. The Chief of that operation is believe to be a woman. Brennan has been accused by a CIA agent of stopping the opportunity to kill or capture bin Laden in 1998, ignoring intelligence on the Christmas Day bomber, and he has been an apologist for terrorists, saying “jihad is a holy struggle” and referred to Jerusalem by the Arabic name Al Quds.

And here’s Jack Cashill with a blast from the not-so distant past: The American Thinker: Time for New Look at 2008 Obama Passport Breach:

Among the unexpected findings of the Sheriff Arpaio cold case was this one:

Records of Immigration and Naturalization Service cards filled out by airplane passengers arriving on international flights originating outside the United States in the month of August 1961, examined at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. are missing records for the week of President Obama’s birth, including the dates Aug. 1, 1961 through Aug. 7, 1961.

This revelation evoked memories of one of the great underreported stories of the 2008 campaign: the multiple breaches of the presidential candidates’ passport records in March of that year.  In one of its more egregiously dishonest moments, the Washington Post headlined the story on March 22, “Rice Apologizes For Breach of Passport Data; Employees Looked at Files On Obama, Clinton, McCain.”

The “Rice” in question is Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.  The offended party in the Post story was Barack Obama.  He told reporters that he expected “a full and thorough investigation,” one that “should be done in conjunction with those congressional committees that have oversight function so it’s not simply an internal matter.”

It is not until the thirteenth paragraph of the Post story that the reader learns that of one of the three contract employees caught in the act worked for the Analysis Corporation, the CEO of which was John Brennan, a 25-year CIA veteran.  The Post does report that Brennan donated $2,300 to the Obama campaign but suggests no deeper tie.  This information is offset by the revelation that the other two culpable contract employees worked for Stanley Inc., whose CEO Philip Nolan contributed $1,000 to the Clinton campaign.

Stanley, however, had been handling passport work for 15 years and had just been awarded a five-year, $570-million contract.  The company had no reason to play favorites in the 2008 campaign.  It promptly fired the two employees, neither of whom was likely working at the directive of Nolan or of the Clinton campaign.

Unlike Stanley Inc., a huge government contractor listed on the New York Stock Exchange, Analysis Corp. had fewer than 100 employees, and its one culpable employee escaped discipline.  The Post article tells us only that “his or her employment status is under review.”

Nor was Brennan a casual donor to the Obama campaign.  To its credit, CNN Politics saw the real news angle in the passport scandal: “Chief of firm involved in breach is Obama adviser.”  As CNN reported, also on March 22, Brennan “advises the Illinois Democrat on foreign policy and intelligence issues.”  He had even briefed the media on behalf of the campaign early in the month.

The man is thoroughly corrupt and stupid….in other words the perfect choice for Obama’s CIA chief.

J Christian Adams, PJ Media: Federal Court: DOJ Must Reimburse South Carolina for Voter ID Folly:

THIS asshole, again.


A federal court has ruled that South Carolina was the prevailing party in the unnecessary Voter ID litigation, and therefore the Justice Department is liable for paying the state’s costs. South Carolina spent $3,500,000 to obtain federal court approval of the state’s Voter ID law as non-discriminatory under the Voting Rights Act. The lawsuit was made necessary only because of the political and ideological radicalism of Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez and his deputy Matthew Colangelo.

PJ Media had this exclusive report detailing that career Voting Section employees, including Voting Section Chief Chris Herren, recommended that the Voter ID law be approved in the first place by DOJ after a careful written analysis inside the Voting Section.  Documents prepared by the career staff urged Perez and Colangelo to grant administrative approval to the South Carolina Voter ID law — but they refused. Their refusal was, in part, designed to energize a moribund political base heading into the 2012 election. The cost to the American taxpayers for their stunt will be significant.

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson’s office was quick to respond to the court’s ruling late yesterday:

“The state Attorney General’s Office blamed the U.S. Department of Justice for the high cost of the case. They accused the federal government of delaying the case by 120 days by filing numerous frivolous motions, including challenging the 12-point font size on a document the state filed.

“The Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., bears responsibility for the litigation costs,” said Mark Powell, Wilson’s spokesman. “The decision was so emphatic, even the Department of Justice and Interveners did not appeal it. South Carolina was forced to pay a hefty price because a handful of Washington insiders refused to do the right thing.”

Whether Congress will hold Perez and Colangelo accountable remains to be seen. Members of Congress, including Senator Lindsey Graham, have already demanded that Perez turn over the documents about which PJ Media first reported on September 11, 2012. So far, sources tell me that Graham has not received what he has asked for, though he may already possess the documents from other sources.

Tellingly, DOJ has not denied that such internal approval memos exist. They can’t.

Of course Perez didn’t care whether or not he had a case. These voter ID lawsuits were only about one thing – inflaming racial passions – and shoring up the black vote. And it worked like gangbusters.

Doug Ross: NICE JOB, BLOOMBERG: NYC welfare funds being spent in strip clubs, porn joints, liquor stores…

.to name but a few. And I refer, of course, to the sanctimonious schmuck of a mayor and not the news service.

A database of 200 million Electronic Benefit Transfer records from January 2011 to July 2012, obtained by The Post through a Freedom of Information request, showed welfare recipients using their EBT cards to make dozens of cash withdrawals at ATMs inside Hank’s Saloon in Brooklyn; the Blue Door Video porn shop in the East Village; The Anchor, a sleek SoHo lounge; the Patriot Saloon in TriBeCa; and Drinks Galore, a liquor distributor in The Bronx…


Weasel Zippers: Finally, We Can Agree With Paul Krugman On Something, Says Nominating Him For Treasury Secretary A “Bad Idea”…

Via Weekly Standard:

In a blog post on the New York Times website, columnist Paul Krugman says no to serving as treasury secretary. Which is clarifying, even though he was never offered the job anyway.

“Yes, I’ve heard about the notion that I should be nominated as Treasury Secretary. I’m flattered, but it really is a bad idea,” writes Krugman.


Lisa Benson cartoon via Townhall


Big Government: Obama to Boehner: ‘We Don’t Have a Spending Problem’:

In an interview with Stephen Moore of the Wall Street Journal, newly re-elected House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) opened up about President Obama’s utter unwillingness to cut a single dollar from federal spending. In a stunning admission, Obama reportedly told Boehner, “We don’t have a spending problem.”

Boehner added that President Obama continues to maintain that America’s federal deficit is caused not by governmental overspending but by “a health-care problem.” Said Boehner, “They blame all of the fiscal woes on our health-care system.” Boehner told Obama, “Clearly we have a health-care problem, which is about to get worse with Obamacare. But, Mr. President, we have a very serious spending problem.” Obama eventually replied, “I’m getting tired of hearing you say that.”


Doug Ross: HELPFUL POSTER: Low Information Voter Thoughts

The relentlessly awesome People’s Cube offers us a glimpse inside the mind of the typical progressive:


Speaking of low-info voters….

Via Revealing Politics: 2012: A Revealing Year:


Gateway Pundit: Marine Who Penned Scathing Letter to Sen. Feinstein Says Anti-Gun Leftists Are Now Calling for His Death (Video):

Cpl. Joshua Boston, the U.S. Marine who wrote a scathing letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) over proposed new gun control legislation was on FOX and Friends this morning. Feinstein wants to outlaw 120 specifically-named firearms including certain semiautomatic rifles, handguns, and shotguns.

Joshua Boston told FOX and Friends that Feinstein’s defense of her gun banning proposal is absurd.

“The idea that the rights of existing gun owners is strictly limited to hunting and sporting purposes is just absurd and has no basis in the Bill of Rights.”

Noisy Room: It’s Begins! “NJ Mayor: $1,000 to turn in your gun owning neighbors”

Cold Fury: This didn’t happen; please ignore this post:

Liberal-fascists would rather this woman had been raped and murdered, and her children right along with her.

LOGANVILLE, Ga. — A woman hiding in her attic with children shot an intruder multiple times before fleeing to safety Friday.

The incident happened at a home on Henderson Ridge Lane in Loganville around 1 p.m. The woman was working in an upstairs office when she spotted a strange man outside a window, according to Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman. He said she took her 9-year-old twins to a crawlspace before the man broke in using a crowbar.

But the man eventually found the family.

“The perpetrator opens that door. Of course, at that time he’s staring at her, her two children and a .38 revolver,” Chapman told Channel 2’s Kerry Kavanaugh.

The woman then shot him five times, but he survived, Chapman said. He said the woman ran out of bullets but threatened to shoot the intruder if he moved.

“She’s standing over him, and she realizes she’s fired all six rounds. And the guy’s telling her to quit shooting,” Chapman said.

The woman ran to a neighbor’s home with her children. The intruder attempted to flee in his car but crashed into a wooded area and collapsed in a nearby driveway, Chapman said.


Publius Forum: Obama’s Lawless Presidency:

President Obama’s supporters love to call him the “cool” President, a “no drama” guy, and generally like to claim he is unflappable in office. Whatever the truth of that claim, there is one thing for sure: he doesn’t sweat the small stuff. Like following the law. During his four years in office this president has shown he couldn’t care less about the laws he’s supposed to be governed by as president.

This lawlessness started all the way back before he even became president. It was widely discussed in 2008 that he blatantly violated campaign donations laws by refusing to put in controls on his website that would prevent illegal, foreign donations. And we’ve only just learned as 2013 began that his 2008 campaign was levied the largest fine ever imposed on a presidential campaign for violations of campaign laws. In January the nation learned that the FEC fined Obama $375,000 for campaign reporting violations.

Once he became President, Obama immediately began misuse his powers to control Washington’s regulatory machinery to pay back pals and warp rules for ideological reasons. This president generally wields his regulatory powers with kid gloves to pay off supporters while at the same time that velvety hand holds a cudgel to smite foes.