School Choice Week Whistle-Stop Tour January 27- Feb 2

For those of you who are sick of having your kids stuck in failing schools, help is on the way…

The week of January 27, National School Choice Week will host the first-ever nationwide, whistle-stop train tour in support of school choice.

The goal of this tour — along with the record-breaking 3,000 events being independently planned for National School Choice Week 2013 — is to demonstrate overwhelming support, and demand, for school choice…while shining a positive spotlight on the hundreds of organizations, thousands of schools, and millions of Americans working every day to increase access to great schools in our country.


From Los Angeles to New York, with 14 stops, the National School Choice Week Special will bring messages of hope and optimism from coast to coast.

You can get involved along the way or right at home. Explore the train’s route by using the interactive map above or check out these options:

How can you get involved right now?

  • Sign-up if you haven’t already and encourage your friends and family to do the same.
  • Are you part of a school? Get a representative from your school to register for free materials to host a National School Choice Week event.
  • If you’re an individual or part of a business or other organization that supports school choice, be sure to download our Event Handbook and start planning an event — it’s easy, fun and helps to build support for school choice in your community.

Speakers will  include:
1.      Emcee: James Shuls, Show Me Institute
2.      Andrew Campanella, National School Choice Week
3.      Virginia Walden-Ford- School Choice Activist
4.      Lisa Keegan – Former AZ Superintendent
5.      Joe Trippi – Fox News Analyst and Democratic Strategist
6.      Vonnelle Middleton: Vonnelle P. Middleton, Superintendent/C.E.O. Hope Academy Charter School
7.      Douglas Thaman, Executive Director, Missouri Charter Public School Association
8.      Emani Brown- Hogan Prep student
9.       Dennis Cooper- Hogan Prep student
10.     Student performance:  Della Lamb Elementary Choir
11.     Heidi Lynch and student Alex Lynch (Lawrence Virtual School)

Whistle Stops

Los Angeles, CA January 25

Albuquerque, NM January 26

Topeka, KS January 28

Kansas City, MO January 28

Chicago, IL January 29

Milwaukee, WI January 30

South Bend, IN January 30

Toledo, OH January 31

Cleveland, OH  January 31

Erie, PA January 31

Buffalo, NY February 1

Rochester, NY February 1

Albany, NY February 1

New York, NY February 2


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