Love It: Jeanine Pirro Sends Producer to Journal News Publisher and Editor’s Homes (Video)

Sorry, I was AWOL, today. I really enjoy putting together my Saturday Movie Matinees but I took a day off blogging for Macys’ one day sale (we had a coupon!) and some other stuff. To make up for it, here’s Judge Jeanine Pirro giving the Journal News another epic beat down.

“This week, the Journal News continues to hide, refusing to explain why they printed names and addresses of legal gun owners, including yours truly. Instead, they’re in a hole, hunkered down, hoping it will just pass, and we’ll all just go away. And get this – they’ve hired armed body guards who won’t give us their names or give us a map to their homes.”

She sent her producer to the homes of the publisher and the editor of the Journal News. Predictably, she got nowhere.

“You think it’s important to out us in the aftermath of the Newtown shootings? Pirro exclaimed. “How DARE you connect law abiding citizens who have gone through rigorous background checks, who’ve been fingerprinted,  investigated, and received judicial approval to exercise their 2nd Amendment right. How dare you compare them to a nutjob on the lunatic fringe in desperate need of medication, who played violent video games for days at a time. How DARE you compare him to battered women in hiding, to the families of police officers, and to judges and DAs like me.”

The  tongue lashing continued unabated right up to her concluding taunt: “You’ve got no comment? How about I say it for you. You’re nothing but a bunch of cowards…unwilling to defend yourselves...frozen in fear. YOU SCREWED UP. Period, end of story.”

Video via Right Sightings

Judge Jeanine also covered the story of the Georgia woman who recently protected herself and her nine year old daughter by shooting a home invader who had followed them to their attic 5 times in the face and neck.

Video via Massteaparty


The Daily Mail: Boy, 14, brutally executed on his doorstep in Chicago is sixth teenager shot since Friday

Witnesses say two gunmen shot and killed a 14-year-old Chicago boy Friday night as he stood on his porch, and then left him to die in the front hallway of his own home, authorities said.

The shooting came just hours after a 15-year-old boy was fatally shot in a separate attack.

The death marks the sixth shooting of a teenager since Friday.

It’s these vicious gangbangers who shoot strangers standing on their front porches as part of some sort of twisted initiation requirement that need to have their illegal guns confiscated. Not the law abiding citizens.
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