Your Sunday Hymn: When Jesus Came to Jordan

This is it, the last Sunday of the Christmas season. Tomorrow, the nativity scene comes down.

For feast of the Baptism of Our Lord; When Jesus Came to Jordan with lyrics included.

And here’s the singing Monk, Brother Alphonsus Mary belting out When John Baptized In Jordan’s River:

A couple of fine tenors, I must say.


When John baptized by Jordan’s river,
In faith and hope the people came,
That John and Jordan might deliver
Their troubled souls from sin and shame.
They came to seek a new beginning,
The human spirit’s ageless quest:
Repentance and an end of sinning,
Renouncing every wrong confessed.

There as the Lord, baptized and praying,
Rose from the stream the sinless One,
A voice was heard from Heaven saying,
This is My own beloved Son.
There as the Father’s word was spoken,
Not in the power of wind and flame,
But of His love and peace the token,
Seen as a dove, the Spirit came.

O Son of Man, our nature sharing,
In whose obedience all are blest,
Savior, our sins and sorrows bearing,
Hear us and grant us this request:
Daily to grow, by grace defended,
Filled with the Spirit from above,
In Christ baptized, beloved, befriended,
Children of God in peace and love.


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