NRA: America Speaks For Itself (Video)

This video highlights the coordinated media backlash that took place after NRA’s Wayne LaPierre suggested putting armed security in every school across America.

They called the idea “laughable”, “tone deaf”,  “whacked,” “evil” and “out of step with America.”

Unfortunately for the media, America disagrees. Most citizens support armed security in schools — and the NRA, as evidenced by its 250,000 new members over the past month. So the media can go speaking for elites, but America will speak for itself.

Obama apparently disagrees, too since providing “incentives for schools to hire school resource officers” (armed police guards) was one of his 23 executive orders, yesterday.

Check out these statistics via John Nolte of Big Journalism:

According the latest Gallup survey, which was taken after the Sandy Hook murders and Wayne LaPierre’s press conference, the NRA, despite being demonized 24/7 in the media, enjoys a favorability rating of 54%. Today, according to Gallup, Obama’s approval rating sits at 53%.

Moreover, only 38% of those polls have an unfavorable opinion of the NRA. Obama’s disapproval rating sits three points higher at 41%.

Part of the reason the White House, Democrats, and the corrupt media are losing their battle to marginalize and destroy the political power of the NRA, might have to do with the fact that a new CNN poll released today shows that an overwhelming majority of the America people agree with the NRA’s proposal to put armed guards in schools, 54% to 45%.

Yeah, this will go down in history as one of the MSM’s biggest narrative fails, ever, but that doesn’t stop them from trying.

Via Mary Chastain, Big Hollywood: Liberals Use Artists to Spread Propaganda Against NRA:

Liberals need to keep their anti-gun/anti-NRA sentiment alive, and now they are doing it in disguise of honoring the young victims of Newtown, CT.

Charles Krause, former foreign correspondent for numerous publications including The Washington Post, is hosting the exhibit “The Newtown Project: A Call To Arms.” It will be on display starting Jan. 20, which is President Barack Obama’s Inauguration Day. He describes it as “the most politically significant art exhibit in Washington.” He hopes the artists will honor the children, but goes on to say the artists will “provide the President with the creative visual ammunition he needs to win the fight for gun control.”


I started this, myself, *curtsies*:

Twitchy: #ConservativeKidLetters: Messages for Obama from the forgotten children:

Yesterday, before Obama trotted out his kiddie human shield for his gun-grabbing announcement, the White House released a batch of the kids’ letters. Since POTUS is only interested in exploiting correspondence that suits his agenda, conservatives are offering up messages from the inconvenient children:

Reminder, Gun Appreciation Day is this Saturday.

Seton Motley, Big Government:  House Bill Would Ban All Internet Ammunition Sales:

In their latest rush to further emasculate the Second Amendment, many on the Left are taking aim at the Internet.

Of course, illegal online sales of weapons and ammunition should be stopped–though the practice isn’t nearly as prevalent as the left would have you believe.

But progressives are also looking to ban legal online sales through a bevy of new gun control resolutions, including H.R. 142, which “would ban Internet or mail order ammunition purchases.”

Meanwhile, the state of New York just passed a ban on Internet “assault weapon” sales.

Progressives act as though the move to end all online weapons transactions is just that simple–wave a gavel, pass a law, and it’s done. Just like with guns themselves–declare a gun-free school zone, and all schools will be gun-free.

But they are not always such regulatory optimists.

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