Today’s Feel Good Gun Defense Stories: Home Invasions Thwarted by Gun-Toting Homeowners


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Thanks to the quick reflexes of a Michigan City man, and his close proximity to a firearm, a recent home invasion that could have ended very badly for him, instead ended very badly for his assailants.

ABC 57 News MICHIGAN CITY, Ind, Jan 15:

According to police, a man was inside his home on Pontiac Drive Friday night when two people broke in.

He pulled out a gun, shot both of them, and kept one of them at gunpoint until police got there.

The other man ran away, but police found him just blocks away inside a house on Hobart Street.

Police surrounded that house, and went inside. They found the man hiding in the closet and bleeding.

Video at link.

Both of the miscreants are expected to survive their injuries.

Another harrowing story from the 13th: East Ridge home intruder stopped by armed residents:

  EAST RIDGE, TN (WRCB) — An East Ridge family catches an intruder in the act and held him for police. They tell Channel 3 why their guns may have saved their lives.

A 22-year-old Hixson man is behind bars after police say he repeatedly tried to force his way into an East Ridge home early Sunday morning. It happened on South Seminole Drive.

Around 1:45 a.m. Sunday the Davenport family awoke to a banging at the front door. They asked the man what he wanted and he made it clear– he wanted inside. From there, they called police and jumped into action to protect themselves.

“My husband said police are on the way, I have a weapon and the guy said ‘F that I’m coming in this house’ and he was breaking the glass and he had his arm inside the house trying to unlock the door,” homeowner Melissa Davenport said.

As her husband fought the stranger, now identified as 22-year-old Chas Scruggs at the door, Melissa Davenport frantically called 911.  “I was just telling her I’m so scared I’m so scared,” Davenport said.

Keep reading – the guy was impervious to fear and pain and determined to get in – probably high on meth. That family’s guns definitely saved their lives that night.

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