Piers Morgan’s Massive Hypocrisy

I rarely watch CNN and I sure as hell don’t watch the treacherous, phone-hacking,  tabloid plagiarist, Piers Morgan. Lately, watching YouTube clips of his hysterical anti-gun antics has been hard to avoid, though, as he hectors conservative guest after  guest, chiding them, insulting them and talking over them, because demagogue that he is,  he understands that allowing the enemy to get their point across means death to his political argument. Better to interrupt and yammer on about tanks. The political strawman. What would left wing hacks do without it?

What fun Dana Loesch would have had if she had been privy to this information the other night, when Piers ridiculed her suggestion that the New York man who was viciously attacked by a gang of 7 might have defended himself with a gun had New York’s strict gun laws not been in place.

Via The Daily Caller:

In 2004 Morgan penned an op-ed for the Evening Standard headlined “I can’t be liberal on burglars,” in which he said he said a series of home invasions and robberies at his home made him wish for a gun. Britain, which had banned all guns, had seen a rash of break-in burglaries, one of which took the life of financier John Monckton.

If Monckton “had killed one of those burglars while defending himself … then he would now be facing a jail sentence for manslaughter or even murder,” Morgan wrote. “No part of my liberalism allows me to deem this fair.”

“I am now so liberal on most things that my army-officer brother likes to refer to me as a ‘wet, pinko, cheese-eating surrender monkey,’” Morgan wrote. “I’m antiwar, don’t like foxhunting, feel threatened by ID cards, and think cannabis should be decriminalised.”

Heads up there for the next conservative who goes on his show, (not that I recommend it.) The next time he claims to be knowledgeable about guns because of his army officer brother (he’s actually done this), respond with a giggle, “oh, the one who called you a ‘wet, pinko, cheese-eating surrender monkey?”  Just to knock him off his game, a little.
I wonder if that was before or after he resigned in disgrace from The London Daily Mirror for publishing fraudulent pictures of British soldiers abusing prisoners in Iraq. Given that the Regiment’s Brigadier said the pictures severely damaged the reputation of the Queen’s Lancashire Regiment (QLR), and a former regiment commander of the QLR said the pictures actually put lives in danger, serving as a “recruiting poster” for al-Qaeda – it’s a wonder Piers’ brother didn’t have worse things to say about him. He got off easy with ‘wet, pinko, cheese-eating surrender monkey.’
But listen to  Piers as he argues that violence is sometimes necessary and excusable if it’s to protect oneself  and one’s property.

“I wouldn’t shoot anyone because, like most people in this country, I’m not licensed to carry a gun,” he insisted. “But if I woke up to find a thug in my house at 2am, stealing my hard-earned things, and posing a clear and present threat to my wellbeing and perhaps that of my children, then I wouldn’t hesitate to grab the hardest thing I could find and defend myself.”

“And if I killed a burglar in that situation, I would expect the law to be on my side, not the despicable little toerag defiling my life.”

Morgan applauded Sir John Stevens, then the commissioner of London’s Metropolitan Police, “for urging the law to better empower householders to defend themselves properly” because “for an elderly woman living on her own a burglary, violent or otherwise, must be a liferuining experience.”

It almost sounded like he would shoot someone breaking into his home – if guns were legal.
Who else would Piers Morgan shoot if he owned a gun? Oh, after he was fired from the Daily Mirror, he described for The Daily Mail  what he would do to his professional enemies, including Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson, writer A.A. Gill and editor Ian Hislop if he owned a fully automatic MACHINE GUN.
Hat tip: Ali Akbar, Viral Read.


One thought on “Piers Morgan’s Massive Hypocrisy

  1. I wish he would leave his brother out of the conversations and I’m betting his brother wishes the same thing. I think Piers has an identity crises causes by not being allowed to suck on his thumb as a child. He’s never grown past it and he is still a child. I also can’t help but wonder if Piers isn’t trying to incite another “shooting” so he can point at it and say, I told you so. I don’ put that past him at all!


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