Judge Jeanine Pirro to Journal News: “What Hole Did You Climb Out of to Wave Your White Flag?” (Video)

After enduring several weeks of blistering criticism and cancelled subscriptions, the Journal News finally announced last week that it was taking down the controversial interactive map that spurred outrage amongst gun owners. Journal News Media Group publisher Janet Hasson wrote, “while the new law does not require us to remove the data, we believe that doing so complies with its spirit.”

Cue Judge Jeanine Pirro who’s gleefully ready to rub salt in the wound: “You kidding right?!”

“Don’t you love it when the loser tries to make it look like they really won?” She continued, like he’s taking the high road…Like the decision to retreat was really a voluntary one. And oh! By the way, since you refused to speak on this issue for weeks, as you hid behind your bodyguards with guns, WHAT HOLE DID YOU CLIMB OUT OF TO WAVE YOUR WHITE FLAG?”

Keep watching as she offers advice to Obama on how best to stem gun crimes:

Video via evelkidnievel

Her advice would be helpful if the real agenda of the gun grabbers was the reduction of gun crimes.


One thought on “Judge Jeanine Pirro to Journal News: “What Hole Did You Climb Out of to Wave Your White Flag?” (Video)

  1. I hadn’t seen that pathetic dog and pony show Obama put on with the little children-how much lower can you get than the bottom of the barrel?

    This lady rox.

    I guarantee you that those 28% that think violence would go down if guns were banned voted 100% for Kommander Kobe-they are truly not just “low” information voters, they are WRONG information voters(see Australia & Great Britain for proof) that believe the lies coming from this administration and the left dominated media are God’s truth.


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