Obama’s Not a “Liberal” – He’s a Communist

Let’s get the terminology right. The fact of the matter is, the entire Democrat party today is Communist/ Marxist/Socialist/Collectivist/Statist. There are no more conservative or moderate Democrats. They all support the big government collectivist agenda – and they’re all willing to lie, cheat and steal in order to maintain it.

 Crossroads GPS  released this video, today, compiling snippets from the MSM where Obama’s palace guards call his inauguration speech “liberal,” “very liberal,” and “radical,” and I assure you they’re tickled pink about it.

Dick Morris says we saw the real Obama, yesterday, as opposed the fake Obama of his first deceptive  inaugural address.

Surprise surprise – Communists are liars. Obama will lie right to our faces  and not feel a second of shame because the ends justify the means.

Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro called Obama’s inaugural speech,  ‘Orwellian’, proving that he hates the Constitution.

But it’s worse than that. I’ve been saying for over four years now, that the Democrat party needs to be rebranded. They should be called Democrat Socialists because that’s what they are. Democrat voters should at least know what they’re voting for.

A former “liberal” Democrat agrees with me that “it is time to officially put an end to the mincing, hesitant criticisms of the American Liberals and the Democrat Party.”

Actually, it’s long past time. The Democrat Party’s goal is communism.

I have a confession to make: I used to be a Liberal. In the 1988 Presidential election, I campaigned door-to-door for Michael Dukakis. In 1992, I was a full-throated supporter of Carol Moseley Braun, the ultra-social liberal Senator from Illinois who, among other things, supported partial-birth abortion, gay marriage and gun control. I voted for Clinton both times, and, despite thinking he was a knob, voted for Gore in 2000. Please believe me when I say that the Democrat Party’s end goal is communism.

Okay, they won’t call it communism. To the Liberal Democrat (here on out, let’s just call them Democrats because there are no moderate or conservative Democrats anymore), the government is the source of prosperity. Government can succeed in equalizing outcomes, which free market capitalism does not do. Government must dictate what all citizens believe and what they are educated in. Wealth, prosperity, equality, all come from Government. For the Democrat, if there is a problem in society, it is Government’s role to solve the problem.


The Democrats didn’t just seek to bail out the banks; the Democrats had to demonize the banks. It was those greedy Wall Street Bankers who preyed on poor, unsuspecting people and FORCED them to take out a mortgage that they had no hope of being able to pay back. The Democrats absolved themselves of any culpability, despite the fact they are one hundred percent the cause of the Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis.

Why? Because Democrats are communists. They want to control the means of production. They want to control the financial institutions. They want to redistribute wealth in order to make all individuals the same – a collective. Because, as Obama likes to point out, that’s what’s fair. To the Democrat, “fairness” is the most important litmus test of a society. It trumps liberty. It trumps private property rights. It trumps the rights of individuals. It trumps out Constitution and system of government. We must make all things “fair.”

Democrats are communists. And if we don’t recognize that and speak clearly about it, we will continue down this road and we will lose this country.

It should surprise no one that Obama’s biggest cheerleaders are Communists.

Watch Van Jones say Obama Inauguration Speech Was More Important Than George Washington’s.

Sam Web leader of Communist Party USA celebrated Obama’s reelection:

An African-American president was re-elected to the office of the Presidency, the Democrats unexpectedly strengthened their hand in the Senate and House, and victories, including big ones for marriage equality, were registered at the state level.

Moreover, the balance of forces – that is, the ground on which people fight going forward – has shifted in a progressive direction. And thanks in large measure goes to what might be the most notable development in this election – the emergence of a multi-racial, male-female, working-class-based electoral coalition that has the potential to transform America in the years and decades ahead.

The Communist Party said a year ago that the 2012 elections would be the main front of the class and democratic struggle, and subsequent events have confirmed that fact.

Indeed, we argued (and not everyone on the left agreed and probably still don’t) that defeating right wing extremism was the key to moving the whole chain of democratic struggle forward in the coming period.

Conversely, we said that a victory by right-wing extremism would set into motion a far-reaching assault on the people’s living standards, rights, and organizational capacities, the likes that we’ve never seen.

Had Romney won the Presidency and the Republicans the Congress, it would have accelerated to warp drive a capitalist class counterrevolution – a reversal of seventy years of social progress. In a matter of three months time, the entire body of social legislation dating back to the New Deal could have been expunged.

But that won’t happen due to the fact that voters – new as well as old – in their majority rejected Romney, a host of right-wing extremist candidates, their ideology, and their model of governance.

While many things went into last night’s victory, what was notable was the ability of the democratic movement to turn back Republican efforts to suppress the vote; what was history-making was the determination of the people’s movement (with labor in the lead) to reach, educate, and turn out tens of millions of American voters on election day; what was not surprising was the continuing, strategic, and sometimes underappreciated role of the African-American people (93 percent voted for the president) in the front ranks (at the head in many instances) of struggle for progress and democracy.


New Zeal: There’s No Truth In The News And No News In The Truth:

As Trevor Loudon and I have discussed numerous times, the Cold War never went away… it merely shifted. Communists never went away either – they are plentiful and infiltrated throughout our government and institutions. With the election of an avowed Marxist, they are emboldened and have whet their appetite for the downfall of a once great nation and the rise of a monolithic fascist regime, desired in their eyes and hearts, hopefully worldwide.

The Progressive’s most potent tool is propaganda, which the media and Hollywood (who are the toadies of Obama and the Leftists) wield masterfully as a powerful weapon with which to continuously bludgeon America, trying to force her into submission.

Enter a new television series premiering on FX on Jan. 30th – The Americans.


The series takes place in the early 1980s, where two KGB agents pose as an American married couple embedded in Washington DC. Their union was arranged in the old country, but glorified in America as our media works arduously at making you feel for these Russkies. Ah, young Commie spy love! Mix in some nationalism, anti-Americanism and violence and you have a new series that will blow America away (they wish).

And as Glenn Beck has predicted many times, the mask is totally coming off. The producers are not shy in stating who Americans should be rooting for:

“It might be a little different to believe and get used to, but we want you to root for the KGB,” said EP Joel Fields. “They’re going to try to get the Soviets to win the Cold War.”

History knows they’re fighting a losing battle, but the creative team behind the high-profile launch expressed a confidence that more than enough time has passed for American audiences to not hold a grudge.

“If you tried to tell a story like this about al-Qaeda now, it would be impossible; no one would want to hear it,” Fields continued. “I feel even the same could have been said up to 10 years after the cold war ended.”

Get that? Americans should now cheer for the Commies, because hey… we’re all Communists now. And the closing pitch? Well, take a gander:

As a closing pitch to root for the bad guy protagonists, Weisberg said he wanted viewers to take a hard look at both sides of the Cold War.

“These were these really competing value systems,” he said. “And there’s no question that repressive socialism failed, but unbridled consumption hasn’t exactly led to great satisfaction — and one problem is how do we express that dramatically.”


RS McCain: The Next 1,460 Days: I Still Hope He Fails

Trying to get Americans to listen to conservative ideas on domestic policy has always been much more difficult, and we are really now back to an era that precedes my own birth, which I know only from history books and from tales of old-timers like M. Stanton Evans. We’re back to the Truman era, when the godless Commies who threatened America were clandestine subversives who called themselves “liberals.”

Really, it’s in some ways much worse now. Julius Rosenberg and Alger Hiss were traitorous stooges of Moscow, but today’s “liberals” pursue a Bolshevik agenda of strictly domestic origin. The disciples of Howard Zinn, Saul Alinksy, Bill Ayers and Frank Marshall Davis are most certainly Marxists, and we should not be afraid to call them what they are. Hell, “neo-Marxism” is the fashionable style for young hipsters.

The Sovietization of America is an agenda every patriot should oppose, and when Rush Limbaugh famously said, “I hope he fails,” he was right.

18 thoughts on “Obama’s Not a “Liberal” – He’s a Communist

  1. The post was written by one of our other writers. I got Maser Media from Alpha Maser a couple of months ago. I do more admin, although I do contribute.


  2. I’d love to hear what finally brought him to our side. For a lot of converts – (Like Andrew Breitbart) it was the Clarance Thomas hearings – for many others it was 9/11.


  3. Heh, Dianny is a she. She is a regular commentor at iOTW. We asked her if she would. I’ll let you know when it happens. Thanks again.


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  5. Let’s see if I can frame this without looking like a conspiracy fanatic or a nut case off his meds. Anyway, back itn the sixties during the Nam war, the communists made their big push to take over with the draft card burning, SDS, Ayers and his Weather Underground, war protest marches, veterans against the war, etc. I was in the US Army doing my “serve the county” thing at the time so could only watch the beginning of the real disintrigation of our Republic. In all honesty, it began with Wilson, got a boost with Roosevelt during WWII, and accelerated it’s pace in the sixties. First it was the race thingy, and then the war thingy. Now by the early seventies(1971), I had changed by jungle fatigues for moccasins, jeans, a T shirt, a fu manchu mustache, relatively long hair(short by hippie standards), and reentered the halls of academia to receive an education and – hopefully – to get on with my life. That was the year when I began to notice the serious influence of communist thought at the university level. It wasn’t so much prevelant in the hard sciences and engineering, but it was apparent in what I call soft science and education. 1971 is when I believe marxist/socialist/fascist/progressive/liberal thought began its rapid creep into education at all levels, and the undermining of the Constitution began is dead earnest. It may have hit the education system earlier, but that when it became obvious to me.

    As to the communist influence within govt, again it began with Wilson, got a boost with Roosevelt in WWII, and really took off in the late sixties(1968). Remember the Dem convention that year in corruptocrat Daley’s Chicago? Remember Scary Kerry and his rant before congress in 1971? All sparks to get the fire going so to speak. Kruschev was correct. He didn’t need to fight us. We would destroy ourselves from within. And he has yet to be proven wrong by what is occuring today.

    As to the communist influence in the news media which began in and around 1917, it again spiked during the sixties and has steadly accelerated up to presant day. I took note of the communist influence the night Walter Kronkite mentioned that the TET offensive was a loss for the military(I lost respect for him then and there). That was pure BS, for I was there; and we definitely kicked some VC and NVA butt(Thanks to the Marines up north in I corp, the Army down South, the Air Force and Navy all over the place, the Aussies, Kiwis, the ROKs, and the Thais.). Yep, we lost a bunch of our finest Americans; but we literally destroyed the VC and NVA’s ability to wage war. We had won until Uncle Ho and his crowd really took notice of the social unrest back in the good, old USA. Yep, when we were fighting, we also heard about the protests against the war, the name calling(baby killers, war mongers, rapists, etc.). I have long since forgiven. I just can’t forget.

    Ramblings of someone who has been there and done that.

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  6. If we are going to rename the Democrat party, why don’t we just call them the National Socialist Democrat Abortion Party, or NSDAP for short.


  7. OldmanRick – thanks for your comment, and thank you for your service.
    I just read your comment aloud to my 14 year old daughter because she’s learning about the Vietnam War in school. You’ll be happy to know that some teachers tell their students about the vicious propaganda of those days, and how you all were spit upon when you came home.


  8. Yes that was a rough period for us. We were young and believed in Mom, Apple Pie and, the American Flag. I am so glad that the Iraq and Afghanistan guys and gals are being treated much better. They are fantastic IMHO.

    Regarding Scary Kerry, that guy is a traitor to our country and the American people. Doesn’t say much for the divisive, narcissistic, disingenuous, mean spirited marxist occupying his throne in the oval office. People are judged by the company they keep. That should tell you lots about the brat.


  9. If you are slightly interested in the real John Scary Kerry and his antics, please visit wintersoldier.com. It is well worth the trip.


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