Summary of Hillary’s Senate Testimony on Benghazi: “What Difference Does It Make?” (Video)

Barring some excellent questioning from Senators McCain, Paul, and a couple of others, Hillary’s appearance before  the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about U.S. diplomatic security in Libya was a snoozefest. Unless, of course you’re actually stimulated by the spectacle of one of the major players in the worst attack on America since 9/11/01 receiving a slobbering tongue bath by US Senators – both Republicans and Democrats. Although she was asked a few tough questions, none were answered adequately, so why bother with these hearings at all if they’re going to let her get away with it –  or as Hillary so eloquently put it in answer to why the Regime got everything so wrong in the wake of the attack – “What difference does it make?”

Video via Gateway Pundit

Clinton will answer questions this afternoon at the House Foreign Affairs Committee, where hopefully, the Congressmen will keep long-winded grandstanding to a minimum, giving them more time to focus on getting answers to important questions.

Bonus video: Hillary gets choked up:

She put her arms around the mothers and fathers, the sisters and brothers, sons and daughters and the wives left alone to raise their children…*SOB*

Uh Huh.

One of those fathers,  Charles Woods, the father of slain Seal, Tyrone Woods, had this to say, last Fall, if you remember:

Woods explained, “I do appreciate her taking the time from her schedule to meet with the four families. While we were in the pod over there with our family she came over shook my hand and I reached out and hugged her shoulder. Her countenance was not good. And she made the statement to me that first of all she was sorry and then she said ‘We will make sure the person who made that film is arrested and prosecuted.’ ”

Clinton was referring to a controversial YouTube film that the Obama administration claimed inspired the “spontaneous protests” that led to the attacks.

“And when she said that I could tell that she was not telling me the truth. She’s more intelligent than I am, and she had to also know she was not telling me the truth.”

After describing his encounters with the members of the Obama administration, Woods expressed frustration with the lack of transparency on what really happened in Libya.

“I’m totally transparent in my life. I have nothing to hide. Why are they not transparent?” he said.

All these months later, we’re still no closer to the truth. But then –  what difference at this point, does it make?


Obama and his Press Secretary Blaming the Video for the Benghazi Attack:


Ben Howe, Red State: VIDEO: A Quick Reminder on Benghazi

Twitchy: Hysterical Hillary: ‘What difference does it make’ why 4 Americans are dead?

Tammy Bruce!: Hillary’s Bizarre and Outrageous Benghazi ‘Testimony’:

“What difference, at this point, does it make?” Truly unreal. We all know to expect the absurd from these people, but just when you think they’ve hit bottom, they dig even deeper. What does it matter anymore? Lying to the American people. Lying to the families when the bodies arrived home. A guy who put a video clip on the internet was paraded around as though he were the culprit and still sits in solitary confinement. Most evidence lost. No one truly responsible arrested. A terrorist we know is responsible sits unmolested drinking smoothies in Benghazi. The one man we had arrested in Tunisia has been released.

Four dead Americans including a dead ambassador and she asks, What difference does it make?

Visit link for video of Rand Paul telling her if he were President, he’d have fired her.

The Other McCain: Liberal Blogger: ‘How Dare You Smear Hillary by Quoting Her Accurately!’

Quoting what a Democrat says is a tactic! An Andrew Breitbart/James O’Keefe tactic! A mainstream GOP tactic!

The point seems to be: Anything that is bad for Democrats is wrong. These unfair “tactics” include (a) direct quotes, (b) facts and (c) math.

Don’t you get it, Stacy? We took her out of context. If you listen to it in context… yeah…….iiiiiiit makes no difference at all, but still. Breitbart!

Linked by Michelle Malkin, thanks!

10 thoughts on “Summary of Hillary’s Senate Testimony on Benghazi: “What Difference Does It Make?” (Video)

  1. Folks welcome! We have just witnessed the natural [and predictable] conclusion to a four month prelude of the Theater of the Absurd. Sit back, silence your cell phones, keep your popcorn munching to a minimum and enjoy the show. What you about to witness isn’t real, it’s the culmination of a four month rehearsal with the most predictable outcome that anyone could’ve seen.

    Gaveling the audience to order, we have the Chairman who has a adoring fan club of prostitutes in the Dominican Republic, who hires actual sexual predators who are also illegal aliens, who just so happens to get these stories squashed during his re-election this past November. The supporting cast are what some call the opposing party, but in actuality are cohorts and partners in crime. I lost my breakfast about 20 seconds into the statement of the Tennessee Senator who had professed a desire to get his hands on the Secretary for the last several months [who wanted answers] and then proceeded to fawn all over her. With the exception of a very few instances it was repeated time after time. One mean bastard actually brought the poor girl to tears. That should boost her poll numbers, for sure.

    We have all learned a valuable lesson today. There is a natural life cycle, a expiration date of the value of human life and a actual crisis. It wasn’t clearly defined today, but it lays somewhere less than four months, with a statement like this ‘What difference does it make”? The outrage was deafening! Outrageous, yet oh so predictable. Nobody is responsible for anything today, nothing.

    Four Americans lost their lives that day, including the President’s personal representative and nobody is going to held accountable. A sham investigation where, the person who is/was responsible was never questioned by the investigators. Who came to the conclusion that mistakes were made, but never assigned the responsibility to a single person or group of individuals.

    Disgusting! What has happened to our Country?

    [BTW, I missed the loons from code pinko, the ones with the bloody hands that like to welcome Secretary of State to the hearing room. I’m sure they’ll run the news clip on the news this evening though. I’m a big fan of those gals and don’t want to miss any public appearances that they make.]


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  3. In their defense, I think they were too busy sewing new vagina costumes for their next protest against Republicans. There’s a great demand for anti-war vagina costumes I hear.


  4. Deb, there isn’t a vagina costume available that could make anyone in that crowd acceptable. . . . juss sayin! In fact anything they could come up with, could make the perfect argument for celibacy.


  5. Ahhhh, the mamories! I just knew the gals had a couple of more good ones in them. I guess she didn’t get the VagSuit done in time, eh?

    BTW, if that bastard ever gone evaluated by what he did, he wouldn’t be sitting where he is today. I wonder of the code pinkos babe, just got finished throwing someone else’s War Medals over the White House fence, before her appearance?

    I knew you would come through Deb, I spent the entire night [last night] reviewing the msm newscast and missed those clips from yesterday,. While I was out gallivanting today, I heard of this on Rush. Somehow I just knew when I got back home you would provide me with the information. Thank you.
    [kinda brought a tear to my eye]



    Hillary can bellow all she wants: Aside from all the other reasons, there was a tight election nearing an end and she didn’t want herself, Obama, the Obama administration exposed for incompetency and likely treason. The truth would have changed the outcome and she knows it.

    Weapon running? “No one asked me that before” she sarcastically remarked to Rand Paul AND DID NOT ANSWER.

    Hillary’s disdain for the American people could not be clearer. She has blood on her hands and is up to her ears in lies and someday, somehow, she will be held accountable.


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