Video: Earning It – No Budget No Pay Passes in House

The House passed No Budget, No Pay legislation with bi-partisan support, Wednesday. The bill will require the House and Senate each to pass a budget, and members’ pay will be withheld if they fail – a measure unfortunately deemed necessary because the Democrat controlled Senate has refused to pass a budget for the past four years while the debt sky-rocketed.

John Boehner explained the bill on the House floor:

Moe Lane reported:

….the House GOP forced enough Democrats to vote for it to allow for, simultaneously: the coveted ‘bipartisan’ label; AND to allow the hardline House Republican deficit hawks the luxury of voting their conscience on a ‘clean’ debt ceiling raise, no matter how high. The Democrats really, really wanted to make this a party-line vote, but when push came to shove they didn’t quite dare to try to force their marginal-district House Members into line. In other words: tactically speaking, the GOP won this one, fair and square.Incidentally, this morning I was in on a conference call with Policy Committee Chair James Lankford of Oklahoma regarding this bill. His major points, from my perspective:

House Republicans produced a new video “Earning It” about the Senate Democrats failure to do their jobs and pass a budget:


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