Video: Rep. Duncan to Hillary: “I’ll tell you what difference it makes…”

Oh boy…I missed this line of questioning by Rep. Duncan (R-SC) to Secretary Clinton during her testimony on Benghazi, this afternoon. He called her out for her disgraceful “what difference at this point, does it make” remark, saying it makes a difference to Americans who think they were misled for political reasons.

He also lambasted her for allowing the consulate to become a death trap – what he called, “national security malpractice.”

“What does taking responsibility mean,” he asked? “You still have your job.”

He also asked her to provide, in the interest of “transparency”, the call logs, and the instant messages during the attack between the post and the operation center.

But course  the Accountability Review Board took care of all of those concerns, according to Clinton.

Hard hitting stuff:


Twitchy: Boom! Rep. Duncan to Hillary: ‘I’ll tell you what difference it makes,’ consulate became ‘a death trap’; Libs flip

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10 thoughts on “Video: Rep. Duncan to Hillary: “I’ll tell you what difference it makes…”

  1. She makes my skin crawl even worse than Obama-she’s a lying sack of crap.

    Did ANYONE ask when Obama knew what was going on? It’s my understanding he’s immediately informed of any crisis anywhere in the world no matter what time. It’s also my understanding he knew immediately it was a terrorist attack, that our people were holding them off and help could have been sent. Instead, as I recall, he said he went to bed.

    These people are lamp post worthy-despicable.


  2. Fortunately for us, Mr G, we have some up and coming rising stars that offer some hope. A few in the House and of course our new junior Senator Tim Scott. Hopefully the Country survives so they can make some sort of difference.


  3. Sorry, Duncan blew it like an idiot. He should have ASKED HER QUESTIONS, not “taken her to task”. What a waste of a blowhard. Why didn’t he ASK HER about what the president said or did during the time of the attack. Why didn’t he ask about any Chris Steven’s autopsy and results? Why didn’t he ask what Chris Stevens was doing in the compound? Who gave the stand-down orders? She evaded the weapons running question by Rand Paul…\

    And Duncan should have been specific about Hillary’s video lies coming right before the election!


  4. That’s what frustrated me to no end, today. They spent more time grandstanding than trying to get answers. The Oversight and Reform Committee needs to hold a hearing. They have some former prosecutors (like Trey Gowdy) in the House who know how it’s done.

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  5. Anyone who tuned into that dog and pony show today and thought that anything constructive was going to be accomplished was sadly mistaken. You should’ve moved up the bandwith to get TruTv or the WWF if you wanted some reality. A five minute limitation to questioning, with a supporting cast doing the follow ups immediately after. After a four month rehearsal and practice. Come on, really?

    By the time she walked out of the Senate show, she should’ve had a wet suit on, from all the slobbering and fawning that took place over there. Especially after that fraud Corker who dropped to his knees and had at her. Madame fatass Secretary should’ve been parked before a Special Prosecutor within a week or two of September 11th with her hand up in the air giving her sworn testimony regarding the incident. Her and several others. Not four months later with “canned” answers to anticipated questions.

    At the very least Duncan landed a few punches and accomplished something and in the end was able to walk out of the hearing room with his dignity. You can’t say that about many others who were in attendance there.


  6. imo, people seem to forget that this is the lady who was named after a Mountaineer, absconded with FBI files, put Vince’s thumb instead of finger on the trigger, walked off with White House furniture and tolerated her rapist husband because it gave her this position and power. And lest we forget, she was the mover behind Goobermint health care (along with the likes of The Swimmer), who had the temerity to look at an unemployed woman who greeted her and say “you look like a smart young girl, you should have no problems finding a new career”.
    So when Hitlery sits down for a dialog it is really a confabulation on her terms, and one must admire those who ask for the truth, but peeling an onion is never any fun. To sit and render an account to elected representatives probably gives her a Humatoma.


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