Saturday Movie Matinee: “Lecturing Obama”

HANNITY: Dr Carson Lecturing Obama:

Dr, Benjamin Carson, who gave that “no-holds-barred” speech at the Presidential Prayer Breakfast with Pres Barack Obama in attendance, is Sean Hannity’s guest. Carson talks about the overwhelming support he’s received from that speech, from people who are crying out for someone to just speak good, ol’ “common sense” to overcome our nation’s problems.

No ObamaCare:

Dinesh D’Souza & Michael Shermer in debate at Oregon State University. Questions from the student body regarding Universal Health Care / ObamaCare. The answers were quite well presented and the student body seemed to agree.

Jordan Sekulow on Fox News: Pastor Saeed Being Tortured in Iran:

Jordan Sekulow Appeared on Fox News discussing the latest news on American Pastor Saeed. Pastor is fearful and wondering if there is any support for him. He is being psychologically and physically tortured in Iranian prison. Add your name to the petition to #SaveSaeed here:…


On location in Fitchburg, MA, Da Tech Guy films the snowstorm that is ravaging the NorthEast.


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