Video: Dr. Benjamin Carson Sure Seems to Be Interested in Running for …Something

You know, it never occurred to me that pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Benjamin Carson, was brilliantly parlaying his speech at the National Prayer breakfast into his introduction onto the  political stage. I kinda figured that he had decided to use this high profile moment as opportunity  to make some conservative political and cultural points he thought were important to make. But what if it was more than that?

Watch  Carson in  his appearance with Neil Cavuto, this afternoon, answering the question of whether he would ever consider running for President, (towards the end.) After an initial light hearted response, joking about the number of people who have asked him that question, he noted, “if God grabs me by the collar and sticks me in that arena, that’s the only way I would do it…..but – uh – no, I’m actually going to retire in June…from surgery….I will still teach, I will still be involved, but I’m going to retire from surgery so it does open up a lot of possibilities for me…”

Whoa! Did God grab Dr. Carson by the collar? Because that sounds like a definite, “hell yeah, I’m running,” to me.

The question is what is he running for? Allahpundit thinks it’s unfeasible that he would run for the White House – perhaps the Senate in Maryland or Virginia, or possibly the House.

Ace thinks he might just go for the White House.

People who are vastly accomplished what we might call Heroic Fields (military, and, yes, medicine, I’d argue) do in fact have all the “gravitas” that a governorship or (giggle) Senate posting is supposed to confer already, just due to their day jobs.

And Carson has quite an impressive day job indeed. People have already called him “The General Eisenhower of pediatric neuroscience.” *

And let’s not  forget Herman Cain also ran for President last election cycle as a successful businessman with no political experience, and was the front runner for awhile until Axelrod started working on him.


4 thoughts on “Video: Dr. Benjamin Carson Sure Seems to Be Interested in Running for …Something

  1. It seems to me that, at this point, We need someone with some solid common sense at the top in the whitehouse!!!!!!! Regardless of His expirience (sp) as leader. Least of all, He would use common sense.
    Please, someone help me here to pull up His views politically for the last 10 yrs.. That would go along way towards making up peoples minds……………………….


  2. I say go for it Doc-you have to admit our current crop of life long politicians have placed us firmly in nightmare territory-any one that’s not looking to make a political career a life’s calling would be a success-I’ve said a 1,000 times I could have this whole shebang humming in 2 weeks ;~)


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