Cruz Missiles Over Washington (Video)

Since Ted Cruz hit Washington DC, he’s been busy making  liberal heads explode in his own spectacular way. The following videos of Ted Cruz making liberals squirm are just from the last 24 hours!

Ted Cruz at a gun control hearing yesterday:

Speaking to the DOJ prosecutor, he began innocently enough: “You focused on straw purchases and that is an area of potential bipartisan cooperation. The Chairman brought it up, and I think all of us agree, that if there are those with criminal intent, transferring firearms to felons, there should be strict punishments for that. So that may be a productive area of cooperation.” (Brows furrowing)… But I would point out that —- one of the largest straw purchasers we’ve seen in recent years has been — (pregnant pause) — the United States of America in the Fast and Furious program which sent thousands of firearms – deliberately allowed them to go into the hands of violent drug cartels which in turn were used to kill hundreds of citizens innocent citizens in Mexico and at least one law enforcement officer.”


Ted Cruz reacts to Obama’s SOTU on Hannity, last night, via the WFB:

Obama “Didn’t Propose a Single Spending Cut in Anything”.


Sen Ted Cruz Opening Comments in Judiciary Subcommittee Hearing on Second Amendment:

“In my view the divide on this issue is fairly straight forward. The focus on law enforcement should be on criminals and we should be unstinting in protecting communities, many of the communities that each of you have suffered losses in, are communities sadly in which law enforcement has been failing. And we should be working to fix that problem. At the same time, I think we should continue to respect and protect the constitutional rights of law abiding citizens.”

These comments at the Hagel hearing yesterday,  are causing particular angst on the left.

“I will point out that this committee knows absolutely nothing about the personal compensation Chuck Hagel received in 2008, 2009, and 2010. We don’t know for example, if he was given compensation for giving paid speeches at extreme or radical groups…”


Keep up the excellent work, Senator!

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