Marco Rubio on Fox and Friends: “My Mouth Got Dry – What Can I Say? (Video)

Nothing more really needs to be said, but it will be so it’s a good thing that Marco Rubio has a healthy sense of humor.

Fox and Friends host, Steve Doocy was quick to get the issue of Rubio’s water gulping out of the way, when the Senator from Florida appeared appeared on the the show this morning. In what looked to me like a pre-planned gag, Rubio whipped out a bottle of water and took a swig at Doocy’s beckoning.

“My mouth got dry, and I had to get some water,” Rubio replied, laughing. “I figured I would better off taking the water and taking the hit for it than being unable to pronounce my words. It had been a long day at work, we had already done an 18-minute recording in Spanish. My mouth got dry — what can I say?”

Rubio went on to articulately criticize Obama’s agenda, beckoning him to give up on his “obsession with raising taxes.”

“For every problem we have, his solution is a new law, a new spending program, or something else, and that just doesn’t work. That’s an old idea that’s been tried all over the world, that’s failed every single time. So what I hope the President will do  is give up with his obsession he has on raising taxes, and  let’s engage in a real conversation about getting our debt under control and more importantly about growing our economy, rapidly, because that’s the only way we’re going to create the kind of jobs we need, and bring our debt down.”

Video via Gateway Pundit

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