Senator Ted Cruz Statement on the SOTU: “Obama only knows how to grow government, not the economy”


U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) released the following statement responding to the President’s State of the Union address:

The President had an opportunity to reach across the aisle and propose policies to produce economic growth. Unfortunately, he chose instead to embrace unabashed liberalism. 

 President Obama only knows how to grow government, not the economy. 

 Under President Obama, the economy is entering its fifth year of substandard annual growth – 0.8% on average — compared to an average of 3.3% for the last 70 years.

If the President’s big-government policies were enacted, they would make it harder for the 23 million people out of work to find a job, harder for young people coming out of school to find their first job, and harder for Hispanics and African Americans struggling to achieve the American dream.

 There is potential for real bipartisan cooperation in Congress to get the economy growing and help people get back to work, but expanding government spending, debt, taxes, and control of the economy will only make the problem worse. 


Da Tech Guy has a good piece on Cruz, today: Ted Cruz’s “Evil Empire” moment:

During the party line vote in Committee that sent the Chuck Hagel nomination to the floor Ted Cruz did the unthinkable. He said aloud something everyone knew was absolutely true for the record:

Chuck Hagel is endorsed by Iran. Here is the clip from Cruz’s speech on the subject.

The reaction to Cruz’s words was incredible. It was called unfair, it was said we shouldn’t judge Hagel by those who endorse him, and Ted Cruz was attacked. His words were said to be inflammatory, uncalled for, extreme, improper and defamatory toward a person as honorable as Chuck Hagel.

Morning Joe particularly tore into Ted Cruz, he was portrayed as beyond the pale, as an extremist. He was mocked and derided and the entire Morning Joe table had a lot of things to say about what Ted Cruz had to say about Chuck Hagel.

In all of the words in all the critiques of Ted Cruz by the left in general and MSNBC & Morning Joe in particular there is one word that I noticed was missing from every statement hitting Senator Cruz for his statements on Senator Hagel:


Linked by Doug Ross, thanks!

4 thoughts on “Senator Ted Cruz Statement on the SOTU: “Obama only knows how to grow government, not the economy”

  1. I only watched part of the SOTU address; until I was sickened by admonitions that we must drop OUR differences and come together to solve our problems. I don’t expect Mr. Obama to solve a problem solo, but I DO expect that he will do what a leader is supposed to do and to try to unite the conservative in me with the liberal in you or the Conservatives on the Hill with the Liberals on the Hill.

    He was also equating himself with JFK quite a bit, reminding me of that famous line by Lloyd Bensen, “I knew him and you’re NO JFK!” This country needs strong leadership at this time. We got it from FDR, but President Obama is totally lacking in the leadership department; he only sees what he thinks is wisdom in divisiveness.


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