(Audio) Mark Levin tells Story of a Man Murdered While Trying to Save His Daughter

Mark Levin told the sad story of Maurice Harris of Miami, who was murdered after two heavily armed intruders invaded his house.  He was shot while fighting to keep them from entering his eleven year old daughter’s room.

As the family was unarmed and as Levin noted, there isn’t a single gun control law being discussed that would have done anything to keep these animals from getting the weapons they had.

“The idea for instance, that these two heavily armed rabid dogs would submit to a background check, and fill out a form, and send it in to the government….it’s so absurd. It’s preposterous,” Levin proclaimed.

All of the gun proposals being considered by Democrats would have only applied to Maurice.

For crime stories with happier endings, go here and here.

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz Statement on Hagel Filibuster: “No Reason To Rush His Nomination To A Vote…”

Thursday afternoon, Senate Republicans blocked a vote to confirm former Senator Chuck Hagel as secretary of defense.

In a 58-to-40 vote that broke down almost strictly along party lines, Mr. Hagel, a Republican, fell just short of the 60 votes needed to cut off debate and clear the way for final consideration of his nomination. Republicans said they intended to allow a vote on their former colleague when the Senate returns from a break in 10 days, but Democrats said the Republican position amounted to a historic filibuster of the nominee for a post that is usually filled with bipartisan support.

Democrats vowed to hold another vote when the Senate returns from recess. And all signs indicated that many Republicans who voted against Mr. Hagel on Thursday would not do so then.

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) released the following statement after the Senate’s decision to extend debate on Hagel’s nomination:

Today the Senate rightly voted to continue debate on Sen. Chuck Hagel’s nomination. There is no reason to rush his nomination to a vote until he has adequately responded to multiple requests from members of the Armed Services Committee for additional information.

Twenty-five senators have asked Senator Hagel to disclose the personal compensation that he has received the past five years, and twice he has flat-out refused regarding what he was paid in 2008, 2009, and 2010. This is within his direct control, and his refusal to comply with this reasonable request is troubling. Both Henry Kissinger and Hillary Clinton were asked similar questions, and given the vital importance of the Secretary of Defense to our national security, Sen. Hagel should not be held to a lesser standard.

Once Senator Hagel responds to these reasonable requests to disclose whether and to what extent he has any foreign financial conflicts of interest, I am confident that a bipartisan majority of the Senate will move forward to the timely consideration of the merits of his nomination.

One can only hope information will be made public that is so egregious, it will torpedo Hagel’s chances of being confirmed. Because it sounds like some Republican spineless wonders will be willing to vote for him after the break.

Senator Graham: “Benghazi Was About Breakdown of Security, Failure of Leadership, and a Prez Who Was Virtually Disengaged” (Video)

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) held a press conference, today, to make a  statement in response to Obama’s letter acknowledging he did not call anyone in Libya on September 11, 2012 during the 8 hours the U.S. mission was under attack. He didn’t pick up the phone to call any government officials in Libya until Sept. 12, after everyone was dead.

“If it were not for the three of us and other colleagues, you would still believe – the American people would still believe that this was a spontaneous event caused by a hateful video”, Graham told reporters.  “That’s what was being told by Susan Rice five days after the attack, that’s what was being said by the POTUS for weeks. The reason we know that’s not true, is because we dug, and we pushed, and we prodded. And now we know, that during the entire attack, POTUS never picked up the phone to put the weight of his office into the mix, and there’s no stronger voice in the world than the President of the United States.”

Graham noted that during the three and a half hours the rescue team was waiting at the Benghazi airport to get to the annex, “Sec. Clinton said that she was on the phone yelling at the Libyan government to help, and my belief is that if the POTUS had picked up the phone and lent the weight of his office, it could have made a difference because the last two guys died within the last hour of the attack.”

And finally, he asked, “who changed the talking points? How could  the President and Susan Rice tell the country that there’s no evidence of coordinated, pre-planned  terrorist attack when the Sec. of Defense and  Chairman of the Joint Chiefs described in detail how they knew that night it was a pre-planned coordinated terrorist attack.”

“The record needs to be clear”, Graham continued, “this was not about a hateful video, it was about a breakdown of national security, it was about an ambassador who was begging the State Dept. to send reinforcements for months, this was about a deteriorating security situation, this is about a attack you could see coming, this is about a complete failure of leadership in a Sec of Defense who never talked to the Sec of State,  and a President who as far as we know was virtually disengaged.”

He concluded, “America needs to learn what happened, and we need to learn from our mistakes.”

Side notes:

Obama had to be dragged kicking and screaming into making that “gutsy call” to get Bin Laden after cancelling the raid three times at Valerie Jarrett’s urging. Then he tried to take full credit after its success, going so far as to leak classified information to boost his stature as a heroic Commander in Chief. The Benghazi affair actually follows a familiar pattern of indecision and disengagement for him. If the Bin Laden Raid had gone poorly, he would have blamed it on Panetta.

Isn’t it kinda sad that it’s completely up to Republicans in Congress to investigate the never-ending scandals in this Regime?   Didn’t investigative reporters used to dig into these kinds of stories once upon a time, too?


RollCall: Graham: Brennan’s Nomination Is Leverage to Probe Benghazi Talking Points:

Sen. Lindsey Graham signaled Thursday that he plans to use John O. Brennan’s nomination for CIA chief as leverage to demand more answers from the White House on last year’s lethal attack at a U.S. facility in Benghazi, Libya.

The South Carolina Republican said he particularly wants information from the administration on its talking points in the days after the attack. Republicans on the Hill have blasted the White House for its initial refusal to label the incident, which resulted in the death of the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three others, as a terrorist attack.

“We’re going to figure out who changed those talking points or die trying,” Graham said at a news conference.

If you’ve never seen me jump on this Senator for being a “RINO”, it’s because of moments such as this.

Linked by Doug Ross, and Small Dead Animals, thanks!

Brennan Confirmation Vote Delayed Thanks To Senator Rand Paul (Video)

Sen. Rand Paul is holding up John Brennan’s nomination to head the CIA and will filibuster it if necessary, unless the administration responds to a specific question about the use of drones in the United States.

GOPUSA reported:

Paul accused Brennan of obfuscating on the issue when it was raised at confirmation hearings before the Senate Intelligence Committee last week. Paul on Sunday said he wouldn’t vote for Brennan until the questions were answered, but he raised the stakes in an interview with Capital Download, a weekly video series on usatoday.com.

“He was asked a very specific question ‘Can you kill an American with a drone in America?’ And he refused to answer the question,” Paul said. “I find that very, very worrisome (and) we’re going to do whatever it takes to get the answer. Can the government, does the government, the president himself, claim the power to unilaterally kill an American in America without a trial?”

Appearing on Fox, this morning, Paul said, “I just can’t imagine the President Obama is going to assert the power to kill an American without a trial, without a judge, on American soil. That to me is very troubling – and really, I can’t let this nomination go forward until we get an answer.” When asked why Brennan couldn’t answer the question, Rand replied, “well…that’s pretty worrisome because a non answer implies that he really thinks he does have that power. And you have to realize that some of these drone killings that we’re doing overseas don’t target an individual who is named, they have what is called a signature strike, so there’s a line of cars coming from a place where bad guys live, we knock out the line of cars, sometimes. Do we really want that level of scrutiny to be for an American leaving a meeting of political radicals that are condemning something our government’s doing in let’s say, Houston, TX? You know, really, that’s not the kind on country we live in.”

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit


American Crossroads: Mystery Logic Theater (Video)

Some choice Republican snarking at Obama’s State of the Union ick-fest, courtesy of American Crossroads:

“Worst. Movie. Ever.”


Not to be out done, the Heritage Foundation produced this  gem: Obama’s Broken Record (SOTU 2013 Edition):

We’ve heard President Obama promise the same liberal agenda year after year like a broken record. We believe it’s time to redouble our efforts to change America’s course.

Sen. Burr: CIA Refuses to Give Intel Committee Benghazi Related Documents – Bridget Gabriel: ‘It Goes Back to the Bin Laden Attack’

Benghazi continues to be in the news only because dogged Republicans refuse to let it go. One of them is Senator Richard Burr of NC., who brought up the issue at John Brennen’s confirmation hearing, last week.

CNS News reported:

Sen. Richard Burr, a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, said that the CIA has “flatly refused” to give some Benghazi-related documents to the committee, which is conducting an investigation of the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attacks on the State Department and CIA personnel and facilities in Benghazi, Libya.

Sen. Burr made the assertion last week at the confirmation hearing for John Brennan, whom President Barack Obama has nominated to be director of the CIA. Brennan currently serves as the president’s counterterrorism adviser.

“Mr. Brennan, as you know, the committee’s conducting a thorough inquiry into the attacks in Benghazi, Libya,” Sen. Burr said. “In the course of this investigation, the CIA has repeatedly delayed and in some cases flatly refused to provide documents to this committee.”

None of the other members of the committee contradicted Burr’s assertion.

Wednesday, Senator Burr asked Jack Lew, the White House Chief of Staff and nominee for Treasury Sec, who briefed the President on the night of the attack, and Lew was unable to answer the question even though he claims he was in the room.

This is all very interesting because Brigitte Gabriel, an  expert on Islamic extremism, recently claimed that there will be new information to come out on the Benghazi attack that will leave people “amazed and shocked” when they finally hear it.

The Blaze reported:

“As someone working with the intelligence community…more information is going to come out regarding the Benghazi attack that will really leave people amazed and shocked how we have been — on how we are defending the country,” Gabriel said on Fox News.

But in her opinion, the information may never come out unless we have a special committee to investigate the attack, where those involved are forced to answer legitimate questions under oath.

“There are multiple issues that will come out, I wish I could tell you, but it goes back to the Bin Laden attack,” she said. [Emphasis added].

When asked if she could give readers a general idea of who her sources are, Gabriel replied: “I have connections with some of the highest generals in our military who told me [the information], face to face, by mouth.  They looked at me and said, here’s what going on, here’s the thing…”

Weighing in on reports that Ambassador Stevens was involved in a gun-running operation to provide arms to Syrian rebels at the behest of the U.S. government, Gabriel was equally clear.

“There was an operation; they were smuggling weapons to Syria, and he died because he was involved and because something went wrong,” she stated.

According to Gabriel, information about the gun-running program is only one aspect of the shocking information that could be released.

The Washington Free Beacon reported on Wednesday that Darrell Issa’s committee, Oversight and Reform was still looking for answers on Benghazi.

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform’s letter to the State Department requesting information on the United States consulate attack in Benghazi, Libya, went unanswered, according to a GOP aide.

“We haven’t got any information,” the aide told the Free Beacon. “[We] haven’t gotten anything requested in the letter or anything.”

Oversight sent the letter on Jan. 28, requesting information be sent no later than Feb. 11. The committee received a confirmation of the letter on Feb. 12, which said the State Department is “working on it.”