Senator Graham: “Benghazi Was About Breakdown of Security, Failure of Leadership, and a Prez Who Was Virtually Disengaged” (Video)

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) held a press conference, today, to make a  statement in response to Obama’s letter acknowledging he did not call anyone in Libya on September 11, 2012 during the 8 hours the U.S. mission was under attack. He didn’t pick up the phone to call any government officials in Libya until Sept. 12, after everyone was dead.

“If it were not for the three of us and other colleagues, you would still believe – the American people would still believe that this was a spontaneous event caused by a hateful video”, Graham told reporters.  “That’s what was being told by Susan Rice five days after the attack, that’s what was being said by the POTUS for weeks. The reason we know that’s not true, is because we dug, and we pushed, and we prodded. And now we know, that during the entire attack, POTUS never picked up the phone to put the weight of his office into the mix, and there’s no stronger voice in the world than the President of the United States.”

Graham noted that during the three and a half hours the rescue team was waiting at the Benghazi airport to get to the annex, “Sec. Clinton said that she was on the phone yelling at the Libyan government to help, and my belief is that if the POTUS had picked up the phone and lent the weight of his office, it could have made a difference because the last two guys died within the last hour of the attack.”

And finally, he asked, “who changed the talking points? How could  the President and Susan Rice tell the country that there’s no evidence of coordinated, pre-planned  terrorist attack when the Sec. of Defense and  Chairman of the Joint Chiefs described in detail how they knew that night it was a pre-planned coordinated terrorist attack.”

“The record needs to be clear”, Graham continued, “this was not about a hateful video, it was about a breakdown of national security, it was about an ambassador who was begging the State Dept. to send reinforcements for months, this was about a deteriorating security situation, this is about a attack you could see coming, this is about a complete failure of leadership in a Sec of Defense who never talked to the Sec of State,  and a President who as far as we know was virtually disengaged.”

He concluded, “America needs to learn what happened, and we need to learn from our mistakes.”

Side notes:

Obama had to be dragged kicking and screaming into making that “gutsy call” to get Bin Laden after cancelling the raid three times at Valerie Jarrett’s urging. Then he tried to take full credit after its success, going so far as to leak classified information to boost his stature as a heroic Commander in Chief. The Benghazi affair actually follows a familiar pattern of indecision and disengagement for him. If the Bin Laden Raid had gone poorly, he would have blamed it on Panetta.

Isn’t it kinda sad that it’s completely up to Republicans in Congress to investigate the never-ending scandals in this Regime?   Didn’t investigative reporters used to dig into these kinds of stories once upon a time, too?


RollCall: Graham: Brennan’s Nomination Is Leverage to Probe Benghazi Talking Points:

Sen. Lindsey Graham signaled Thursday that he plans to use John O. Brennan’s nomination for CIA chief as leverage to demand more answers from the White House on last year’s lethal attack at a U.S. facility in Benghazi, Libya.

The South Carolina Republican said he particularly wants information from the administration on its talking points in the days after the attack. Republicans on the Hill have blasted the White House for its initial refusal to label the incident, which resulted in the death of the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three others, as a terrorist attack.

“We’re going to figure out who changed those talking points or die trying,” Graham said at a news conference.

If you’ve never seen me jump on this Senator for being a “RINO”, it’s because of moments such as this.

Linked by Doug Ross, and Small Dead Animals, thanks!

11 thoughts on “Senator Graham: “Benghazi Was About Breakdown of Security, Failure of Leadership, and a Prez Who Was Virtually Disengaged” (Video)

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  4. Thanks for all you do, you and Mr. Ross are greatly underexposed.

    Lindsey certainly flips the afterburners on ahead of re-election campaigns.


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  7. My God, this is so, so huge…where is the public outrage and anger? Where is the uprising against this administration? Why are we so tolerant with this, this administration of spineless renegade amateurs? How can we, as American people, accept such poor leadership and irresponsibility? 4 Americans are dead because of this and they all get away with it? I’m so ashamed of the media for it’s failure to investigate and expose those involved, I’m so ashamed of those in charge of this fiasco and the lies and half-truths that came out in order to cover their worthless asses. This is a failure of the President of the United States on down to the SECDEF. Our American hearts must be collectively broken over this failure of leadership. This President has lost the confidence of his people and he must be held accountable and be impeached! None of these people must ever be placed in such high office again!


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  9. I found Hillary Clinton’s testimony when aggressively questioned about the circumstances of what REALLY happened in Benghazi offensive and revolting. Whether it was a protest or some guys walking down a street and she yells what difference does it make. Makes plenty of difference when they asked for security, your department failed them and now four people are dead. If Hillary has plans for a whitehouse run next election, she should give it up because this fiasco has forever tarnished her political future.


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