Your Sunday Hymn: Return to God

A lenten admonition – Return to God with all your heart….

This liturgical hymn was written by Marty Haugen and interpretted here by BDPam on guitar accompanied hymns for the Padre Pio’s Family Minstrels (PPFM) at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish (SHJP – Alabang) … an unpolished and raw recording, posted here on the request of the community and friends of PPFM for sharing of church music on guitar … this material is also for the SHJP Music Ministry …


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Saturday Movie Matinee: Saving America

Dr. Benjamin Carson on Sean Hannity February 15, 2013 – Part One – Saving America Special:

Dr. Benjamin Carson on Sean Hannity February 15, 2013 – Part Two – Saving America Special:

Dr. Benjamin Carson on Sean Hannity February 15, 2013 – Part Three – Saving America Special:

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Duane Lester from Liberty News TV Interviews RWN’s John Hawkins on The 2.23.13 Day of Resistance:

See also Matthew Boyle, Big Government: Day of Resistance: Feb 23rd Nationwide Rallies to Challenge Obama Agenda:

Those interested in getting involved can either find a rally near them on the Day of Resistance website, or they can (through the end of this week) sign up to create their own event in their own town or city. “You have three options: You can sign up to attend, you can sign up to volunteer, or you can sign up to organize your own rally,” Stockton said.

Stockton has a Political Action Committee, Western Representation PAC, that is spending $25,000 from its cash reserves on the rallies in addition to money they have raised for the events; he said about $9,000 has come in thus far. is sponsoring the events as well.

PJTV Afterburner: PJTV: The Shooters:

A recent Esquire Magazine piece shed light on how the Osama bin Laden shooter has been treated since he left the service. Bill Whittle knows the shooter – not personally. But he knows men like him. Soldiers who wake up every day and fight the most evil men on the planet.

Freedom’s Lighthouse: Krauthammer on Obama’s Head Start Entitlement: The Definition of a Liberal:

Krauthammer on Obama’s Head Start Entitlement Plan: “So it’s failure and yet he wants to double down and to make it universal. That’s probably a definition of a liberal.”

Oversight and Reform: Oversight Approves Bipartisan Report Revealing Widespread Fraud in New York Medicaid Program:

Mediaite: Obama Faces Toughest Grilling About Drones, Not From The Media, But In A Google+ Hangout:

(Occurred on 2/14/13) – Featuring Lee Doren from the “HowTheWorldWorks” YouTube Channel, With more details about President Obama’s drone program emerging, many have criticized what they perceive to be a double standard — in terms of transparency and accountability. Under George W. Bush, goes the argument, such a program would have faced more scrutiny. Obama did face some tougher questioning yesterday, but wasn’t from cable network or magazine: It came during a Google+ “fireside hangout.” A little over a half hour into the interview, Kira Davis, a conservative video blogger and stay-at-home mother, questioned the president, critically but respectfully, on his promises of transparency, particularly in light of recent issues like drone strikes and Benghazi.

ZoNation, PJTV: State of the Union: Obama Embraces Class Warfare:

President Obama delivered his fifth State of the Union address. What were Obama’s solutions for our struggling economy and imminent fiscal crisis?

PJTV Trifecta: Why Liberals Love Chris Dorner:

Do liberals love accused assassin Chris Dorner? An analysis at “PJ Tatler” estimates that comments on the “Huffington Post” are running nine-to-one in favor of the alleged cop killer. Why are so many on the left endorsing Dorner’s manifesto and murderous spree?