Subcontractor for Time Warner Was Doing Work at Time of KC Explosion


Image via News Tribune

The blast on the Plaza, in Kansas City, last night is big news in my neck of the woods. A day after a natural gas explosion leveled the popular Plaza restaurant, JJ’s, investigators are trying to figure out what happened.

Fox 4 is reporting:

 Heartland Midwest was doing subcontract work for Time Warner Cable at the time of Tuesday’s explosion at JJ’s Restaurant on the Country Club Plaza.

Heartland Midwest confirmed to FOX 4 Wednesday afternoon subcontractors were extending a fiber line to a nearby business when the line was struck.

15 people were hurt in the blast, six were still hospitalized Wednesday morning. One body was pulled out of the rubble, earlier today.

The restaurant was in the process of evacuating because people had been smelling gas in the area.

When asked what time firefighters received the first call, Chief Berardi was hesitant to answer because he didn’t have the report in front of him but said it may have been around 5:15 p.m. The gas explosion occurred shortly after 6 p.m.

Minutes before the explosion, employees at JJ’s Restaurant and MGE were in the process of evacuating the building. It’s unclear how many people were in or near the restaurant at the time of the explosion.


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